Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Weeks of wonder

It was two weeks of delightful, fun, sad, nervous, brand new moments.

We've been legally married since July but it hardly felt that way as R flew off not long after. So on 28th December 2008, I got to be married once again to this wonderful man. We tried to keep the wedding as simple as possible, yet there were still all these little details to iron out, plus the constant worrying that our schedule was too optimistic.

Then the actual day came and all went by so fast. We got married in church in front of our loved ones, snapped some quick photos, and then headed to Conrad for the lunch reception. We've since been told how good the food was at the buffet, but we only managed a few quick bites before up we went, doing the rounds at the tables - saying hello, thanks, hugs and introductions - which we never managed to finish (and we had less than 200 guests).

I continue to be amazed that we weren't made to do the whole Chinese dinner shebang, that we got a nice late morning start to the day, and that it managed to be kept simple and reflected who we are as a couple.

I am thrilled that our guests had a good time, that they satisfied their stomachs, and most importantly, that after these two and a half years of MSN and Skype conversations, emails, snail mails and IDD phone calls, R and I are finally together.


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Anonymous said...

Hey! whats ur wedding march in song again? i'll like to you tube it =D


caedmon said...

hey dear, yes it's been an amazing journey for you and R. you are FINALLY together :) enjoy the the continues...

fiona-cectpa: uhm i wasn't at the church wedding, but if shar didn't change the wedding march-in song, it should be Make You Feel My Love, by Adele. and if i'm not wrong, it was first done by Bob Dylan. i love the song after shar let me hear it!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, thanks caedmon! haha.

yea it was really nice and befitting, need to google the lyrics =) it was like so serene when she walked in =D But of course, we couldnt help to give her a telepathic tickle as she walked past us.


Anonymous said...

oh over-playing the song on you-tube... =)