Monday, October 17, 2005

bring it on

What's a fashion show without models? A LocalBrand one!

Instead of gaunt models, young and upcoming bands and some not so new ones (Livid Fawn, Public Eyez, Raindogs, Ger) showed off the new collection. Performances were interspliced with short films. All this in one hour at the packed Playden at the Arts House last night.

I er missed the first 10-15 min of the show but the rest of it was fun, especially the closing act Freaky Z.

Oh and the new t-shirt designs look great too. And I'm not just saying it because annabel pops by here now and then.

Listening to: The Playwrights - 21st century


Fazli said...

I happen to blog hop here, and i saw my name... Thank you so much. Oh, i'm Freaky Z btw... Take care! :)

olduvai said...

hey thanks for stopping by! you stole the show!