Tuesday, October 18, 2005

i'm sure you've heard it all before on a tuesday evening

I can never resist reading Giles Coren's restaurant reviews. I know I've said this all before, but a guy who starts off his article - this time on actual cooking instead of just eating - with this, is definitely someone to keep reading.

The three questions people ask me most often are 1) How does one become a journalist? 2) Do you ever get bored with eating out all the time? and 3) Can you cook?
To these the answers are: 1) You fail at everything else first and then it just sort of happens.

the rest you can read here.

It's only 1817 and I'm mighty sleepy. It seems to be raining outside so it's likely that dinner will be, horrifyingly, upstairs.

This afternoon I bravely ventured into town before work. A solo trip into town is always a dangerous affair for my wallet but this time I managed to make it through without actually buying any of the usual temptations - clothes, shoes, books, magazines, CDs. Just some moisturiser, which was something I was running out of anyway.

Made a quick stopover at the library today and got some Books I've Been Meaning To Read But Other Books Keep Getting In The Way, which included Mimi Sheraton's Eating My Words and Salman Rushdie's Step Across This Line.

For a Tuesday afternoon, Takashimaya and its neighbour Wisma were pretty crowded. Don't these people work? Don't these kids have homework to do?

They might have been asking themselves the same thing about me.

Listening to: Bloc Party - Two More Years
Recently watched: Dark City by Alex Proyas and remembering what a great film that was! Here's some Dark City trivia.


caedmon said...

i'm currently reading mimi sheraton's Eating My Words too! haha. got it from, of all places, pasir ris library!

olduvai said...

ooh what a coincidence!