Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I love a rainy night

Rainy days are ideal for sleeping in, pulling the covers up around you and hearing the rain slash at the windows.
They're perfect for a hot cup of tea and a hot bowl of soup, sipped slowly while watching your favourite rerun or DVD.
It unfortunately wasn't an interesting thundering event where the wind whips and whirls, and the tree outside bends and sways, and the lightning gives you a quick warning of when the next loud clap's gonna send shivers down your spine.

It was more of a drizzly rain.
Drizzle drizzle drizzle.
Out pops the sun.
The skies cloud over again.
And cue the rain once more.

I hope the cool temperatures will last through the night, so that when I get home after having worked on some mighty boring stories, I can pull the covers up around me while I read by the light of my ice cube lamp.

Listening to Kings Of Convenience - Toxic Girl

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