Monday, October 31, 2005

Dining Out - Au Petit Salut, Sun With Moon (again) and Food Republic

So what do two girls do on a Monday when one of them's off and the other's on leave?


Eps and I had the set lunch at Au Petit Salut. Good food, pretty good prices ($22 for three course lunch with coffee/tea)

The selection available for the set was definitely better than decent and far better than previous such lunches I've had not too long ago (with the exception of Sebastien's).

I went for the mini cheese ravioli with mushrooms and herbs and a tasty sauce that hinted of balsamic vinegar. Eps' snails in garlic and butter were good and we lapped up all the good garlicy butter with the slices of baguette.

My main of veal was interesting, it wasn't just a slab of meat, instead, the pan-roasted meat had been sliced and rolled up within were what looked like mushrooms and some vegetables. It was nicely done, with the ends of the slightly crispy! A mound of salad vegetables came along and helped with the slightly salty gravy.

Eps had risotto with scallops. Very creamy, very tasty.

But the best was yet to come...

I had chosen the chestnut souffle as my dessert, which the waitress said was an "excellent choice" haha! And it was such a dream. So light and fluffy, and hinting, not overpowered by, chestnut. A dollop of dark chocolate in the centre offered a nice temporary distraction from the sweet fluffy dream I was devouring. Heaven!

Eps' dessert didnt fare that well though, I didn't really read the description because well the chestnut souffle - the first on the dessert list - made me not want to look any further. But it was some stewed plums and cherries with a rosemary chocolate ice-cream. Ice-cream tasted as good as it sounds but the stewed fruits just weren't.

After doing some shopping at Far East, where I ended up with a new dress, we popped by Sun With Moon to rest our feet and ended up with more dessert.

We shared a green tea warabi mochi and a walnut fantasy ice-cream - which was ice-cream with walnuts and mochi all mixed up. Yummy. The warabi mochi was good as usual.

And then the last stop for the day - after more window shopping at Wisma Atria - was Food Republic on the mall's fourth floor, where we shared an orh luah and a hokkien mee supposedly from some famous stall. Not bad but not fantastic though. The place was packed and there were some other pretty promising stalls like the dim sum one and the Sergeant chicken rice!

Au Petit Salut
Blk 44, Jalan Merah Sega,
#01-54, Singapore 278116
Tel: 6475 1976

Sun With Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe
Wheelock Place
Tel: 6733-6636

Food Republic
Wisma Atria 4th floor

Now playing: Interpol - NYC (live in New York)

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