Sunday, October 08, 2006

I don't have to run day

Cooking for just one person takes some getting use to. Back in Sg and in Illinois, at least there would be someone else to cook for or to force leftovers on.

Here, I tend to throw too much pasta in the pot of boiling water, and have to keep the leftovers for another day (but also not for too long as there's very limited space in the small fridge).

The almost-perfect rice I cooked on the stove the other day is still in the tupperware in the fridge. But I decided to ignore that and cook myself a sinful Sunday supper of round two of the pork and pork recipe from Jamie Oliver I found in a magazine while browsing for free at Barnes and Noble in Champaign. This time, no mash and instead, it's served with garlic baby button mushrooms and broccoli.

And this time, apologies for the photo quality.

I don't feel like I got anything done tonight, apart from cooking this and another episode of Hustle. Oh and I got some groceries from Somerfield, including a bar of Green & Black's dark chocolate (which I found out last week can also be bought from vending machines on campus)

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