Sunday, October 29, 2006

turning back time

I bought The Sunday Times , mostly for its three magazines. And now it's nearly 630pm and I've only just browsed through them. So I'm now wondering why I spent two pounds on something I probably won't have time to read... Where do people get the time to read this backbreaking hefty paper with many sections and three magazines? The train to London I suppose would be a good time to read it. But there's the issue of trying to open pages and not jab your seat neighbour in the eye. I would like to sit outdoors somewhere, sink into a comfy chair, sip a latte and read the papers - all three million sections of it. Instead, they're strewn in a pile on the floor next to the chair. Oh that's right, I suppose instead of being online I could be reading them. I'm afraid that's why it's an addiction. I can't get enough of the Internet. I feel lost and alone without it. It's a huge time-waster. I have piles of uncompleted notes lying around the desk and more books to read for class next week. So I have no choice but to withdraw for a while, maybe get some dinner and read the papers over dinner. And then it'll be back to work. That about sums up my Sunday, oh except for having sat on the beach this morning, reading one of the books for next week and watching more go-getting people wakeboard, sail or canoe. And less go-getting others lounge around on the cafes on the boardwalk. And middling go-getters like me and the guy a few metres away from me who looked like he was studying from notes, who were attempting to laze and do something at the same time. I blame it on daylight savings time.

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