Thursday, October 19, 2006

two-legged race

I yanked open the freezer drawer (there are three drawers but only two seem to open) and dug around for my chicken legs. I was half-bent on making a soup, cooking up the carrots but realising I'd finished the celery a couple of days ago. And the soup always tastes better with celery.

So I dug around my two half shelves in the fridge for ideas and spotted the jar of pesto I'd picked up at the supermarket. Yes...I could do something with that.

I finely chopped a couple of cloves of garlic, mixed it in with the pesto, sprinkled in some pepper and spread the pesto-garlic paste under the skin of the now defrosted chicken leg. The other was treated to a butter, salt and pepper rub. And then both were placed in my oiled makeshift roasting pan (sheets of aluminium foil with the sides folded up to make a rectangular box and placed on a baking sheet) and into the preheated oven.

I went with the pesto chicken for dinner, served with sugar snap peas and carrots and baby potatoes. The other leg I'm saving for tomorrow.

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