Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday: a study

The heat finally came on last night and it was, well, nice and warm-ish.

I'm not sure if I've finally adjusted to the jet lag or if it was because I was tired but I was out just after midnight and woke at about 8 this morning. Rather pleased.

Today's weather report: windy. The waves are rolling on real high and there's the usual occasional quick drizzle.

Finally had toast for breakfast this morning after finding a small wholemeal loaf at the supermarket. I've been having cereal for the past few days and had begun to miss bread a little. Next thing to get from the supermarket: cold meat for sandwiches. And more fruits and veg of course. I suppose I'll see what fresh meat I can find too. Haven't actually bought any of that yet.

Today's been a sit at my desk and read day. And sometimes a sit on the window sill and read day. Trying to get a grasp of things before class on Tuesday. And since the shops open only for a few hours on Sundays, no point in going out with the crowd when I can do that (minus the crowd hopefully) tomorrow.

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