Saturday, October 14, 2006

weight of it all

I'd reached my loan limit on short loan books (those you can take out for a week) at school. My classmate had to get two books out for me. I've got books on the shelf, books on the table, books on the windowsill. I bought three old books at the school library sale for 5 pounds and convinced my classmate to go back and add another to her pile. The library sends these automatic email reminders about when books are due which bugs the hell out of me, as if somehow alleging that I'm about to forget to renew or return them. Alright already!

I've wondered how to structure my notes - according to themes? according to who said what? It seems rather important to know that Catherine Hall says this but Thomas Holt says that and then again Ann Stoler said this other thing. Then for the other class, it's Giddens vs Beck vs Bauman vs Rosenberg and yet not vs all the time. Two of my pens have already run dry with my doctor's handwriting and it's only been two weeks of school yet.

I woke up this morning wondering why it felt so warm and found the heater had magicked itself on in the middle of the early morning. Yet the kitchen's always freezing. Having breakfast, I wondered what I'd have for lunch and wondered then why I always have to lead with my stomach. Then I start making my grocery list, knowing that when I'm on my way back from the store, I'd remember something I forgot.

Have to make some sense of this.

PS happy birthday dad.

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imp said...

read faster!! have friends send you more pens!