Thursday, December 08, 2005

c is for cookbooks

I love cookbooks. Let me rephrase that. I love cookbooks with pictures. Not the dk kind which shows you step by step visual instructions but more like those by Bill Granger, Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson (and their ghost writers)
As this article explains, of Jamie Oliver's books:
His books make me want to shop, cook and sit down to eat.

I feel the same way, especially with the one Nigella cookbook I own. I love that she's not a professional chef and that her recipes are very accessible, and that she's into comfort food, which feature in many pages. I've been wanting to get my hands on Bill Granger's books, which also are equally enticing and manageable. And with Kino's 20% still on until January, I might cough up the money and finally get one. Either that or I'll wish for Santa to stuff one down my non-existent Christmas stocking.

That's the thing about these books. They usually cost upwards of $50, making me have to think twice, especially since I'll be thinking of the number of Cds and novels I can get for that amount.


eatzycath said...

cookbooks are addictive... one is never enough...

olduvai said...

sigh.. exactly