Thursday, December 01, 2005

Reading allowed

I am someway through What I Loved and I've been struck by the work that the artist Bill creates. His pieces of Hansel and Gretel, just words on a page, so vivid a description that I can see them before me.

I get absorbed in their life in the summer house, the two families under one roof. The absence of a TV and the "entertainments of another era", where after dinner, one of the adults would read a story aloud. And I remember watching Gone With The Wind, and there was one scene where the ladies were in the house, trying not to reveal their nervousness and despair, and I believe it was Melly who took up a book - something by Charles Dickens if I'm not wrong - and begins reading.

I like the idea of being read to and reading to someone. Reading aloud makes such a difference. It makes you actually read every single word. Many a time I am guilty of just skimming a page, especially when reading in bed, and sometimes I have to go back and read a paragraph or two again, cos later on I realised I missed something there.

My mom used to read to us, when we were kids. She'd sit on the floor, in between my bed and my sister's, and read to us before we'd go to sleep. I missed that when she stopped it, but never told her that.

Now the only person who reads aloud is my CCF kid but that's mostly for her to practise her English. Reading aloud's a little slow going but definitely helps.

I've been wondering what it's like to listen to an audio book. I guess if I had a longer transit to work, I might consider listening to books, but what's a 15-minute bus ride? About 5 songs. And probably just a few pages?

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