Friday, December 30, 2005

cards and cookies

E-cards really suck. I hate opening my lotus notes to find them. cos I'm never sure if it'll be a personal one, or one of those mass generated ones. Why don't people just send emails saying hello happy new year, merry christmas, i've had such an excellent year and hope you did too. Rather than having me go to a link, wait for the e-card to load, and fall asleep as random graphics dance around the screen to some cheesy seasonal tune.

Of course, I still prefer old-fashioned, paper cards that have to be sent via snail mail.

Although, except for those ass-ugly office ones which were tricky to write on, I didn't send any out at all this year.

Where did my Christmas spirit go to?

All those damn cookies!

And here are more damn cookies, not the gingerbread kind, but the rum and pecan type.

I tried out this recipe for Southern Pecan Bites (via Shaken And Stirred).

It turned out to be a quite tasty little (and not so little) bite. Or so say those who sampled it - one of whom asked for another, and then a third, which I take to mean that it's tasty.

Anyway, I felt that the cookie dough was a little too dry for me, so I used only about 500g of flour (instead of 550g) and added twice the amount of rum - although it didn't taste of rum, or alcohol, at all. I wonder if bourbon would make a difference, or if something else could replace the alcohol... er.. milk maybe?

It's something I would try again. It's rather easy to make, once you get over the chopping of the pecans which is frankly quite a pain. I suppose you could use a food processor, just make sure you don't blitz the nuts into a powder. But chopping results in different sized pieces, which I prefer. After all, if I wanted everything of similar size, I'd buy a package of cookies from a store.

Yes, I like to bake.
I like the magic that happens when you put together flour, eggs, butter, sugar and other ingredients and out of the oven pops a tasty sweet treat. I feel comfortable in the kitchen, where I know what to do - more or less. (Although I sure wouldn't mind if the weather were cooler.) I like working with my hands. Clean hands, I might add. I like the smell that fills the house when something's baking - houses should always smell of food, and not have kitchens that look spotlessly untouched. I like knowing what goes into the food that goes into my stomach. I like being able to use good sugar from Billingtons - it does make a difference you know. I like that it gives me something to do in the daytime before work.
It sounds terribly domesticated doesn't it.

Listening: Shout Out Louds - Wish I Was Dead part 2


dimsumdolly said...

Yeah, those cookies were good! Maybe you can make this as your sideline! Or maybe this is THE path to take in life (or something along those lines). Who knows?

dimsumdolly said...

and oh yah, i share the same sentiments re e-cards. I'd rather people not send at all if all they have written is Dear Xxxx.

And i think companies (mine included) should just stop wasting money on sending cards if all people are doing is put their signature on the damn card and half of the time i can't even make out who that signature belongs to.

This year, i made an effort to write a short note to the work acquaintances i had to send cards to. My boss and other colleagues just signed on it which i thought was utterly meaningless.