Sunday, December 18, 2005

a cinema virgin




He was thoroughly absorbed in the movie, each twist in the plot, each exciting bit in the film was accompanied by exclamations.

This I can understand coming from a little kid.

But this guy, seated next to me during the King Kong screening, was a grown man. Probably in his 20s, for all I could see in the dark.

He acted like he'd never watched a movie before.

Or maybe he just had a low IQ.

I couldn't be too sure.

But it was rather distracting sitting next to someone who seemed every ready to jump out of his seat and into the movie itself.

And I was just wondering why it is that my movie-going has dropped considerably this past year. Although the lack of access to free previews is probably the biggest reason, I can't deal with fellow moviegoers who insist on treating the cinema like their own home, with no consideration to others in the cinema - eg potato chip bag rustler in Lido, brats who kick chairs and people who just won't shut up.

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