Sunday, December 04, 2005

Dining out: Sin Hoi San

It was a gathering of some ex-STI people at one of them zichar seafood places at Tiong Bahru.

7 1/2 of us (one left after an hour plus for another dinner) devoured:
1 chili crab (surprisingly quite hot)
1 black pepper crab
1 butter crab (which has a lovely buttery, coconut taste)
1 plate cereal prawns (yum!)
1 plate baby squid (unfortunately not crunchy enough)
2 "yue guang he" - which I suppose is literally translated as moonlit river? - essentially hor fun with a raw egg on top, which you mix into the rice noodles
1 fried rice
1 vegetable

Now that was some dinner!

And then we adjourned to Blu Jazz Cafe to meet a few others and have drinks/dessert.
Nice place - rather colourful with some odd lights inside. But it was a relatively breezy night and perfect for sitting outdoors. However, I highly disapprove of their music selection. It wasn't blues, it wasn't jazz. It was a mishmesh of easy listening crap that included some Michael Bolton, some salsa-ish latin music, Sympathique, and Que Sera Sera - which we took as a sign to get out of there.

Sin Hoi San Eating House
Blk 55 Tiong Bahru Road

Blu Jazz Cafe
Bali Lane


aberwyn said...

hmm.. there is a Sin Hoi San at east coast road. seafood tzechar. Has been around since i was a kid. Good food. The one you went to is a branch?

olduvai said...

yeah it's a branch. but still the food was q good.

huckerby said...

a lot of hk/taiwan pop stars go to sin hoi san when they're in town! said...

Hey there, just joining in. Have been to that Blu Jazz Cafe. Think the setting is nice. Actually I'll be in town on Friday night and planning to go there. Friday 13th, now that's a great date right??
Do they ever play life music there??