Sunday, December 18, 2005

summing up

After watching King Kong on Saturday night - good cinematography and acting, and of course, amazing special effects, but at three hours plus, a tad bit long. But I must say, I never expected to be moved by a love between a woman and a huge gorilla - went to Vinum at 1 Raffles Link, to a party I didn't know I was attending, where people were supposed to don "mad hats". But hey, it was a one-for-one so, why not?

And after, tagged along to Loof to have another drink and to lounge around and look at the moon. And to be entertained by this group at the next table, who sang Christmas tunes on request. Well, those parts of the carols they could remember that is.

Well this place is tons better than Balcony! Nicer atmosphere, something to look at... sorta... - well the sky beats the side street hands down. Wait staff also a bit better trained. Plus, there's no jacuzzi!

Now playing: Wolfmother - Dimension

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