Friday, September 08, 2006

American pie

And finally I get my pie fix.

How could I have gone so long in the US without a piece of pie? I really don't know.

So for Friday lunch, we hauled our asses over to this little store, which is only open on weekdays for lunch (at least those are their summer hours, as stated on their note in the window).

It's a cute, (although bordering on kitschy) mom-and-pop kinda place, with lace in the windows, wooden tables and chairs, and most importantly, two displays full of pies and cheesecake and even some homemade cookies.

I went for the soup, bread and pie combo. The seafood chowder was really creamy but I'm not a fan of imitation crabmeat. The slice of homemade bread was soft and great with the butter (what isn't!). And for the pie, I picked blueberry. It was packed full of those gorgeous berries and had a lovely crust. It wasn't too sweet, which I had been a bit apprehensive about.

R had the quiche (a spinach and crab (read: imitation crabmeat) quiche) and salad combo. And later went for the apple pie, which wasn't too bad either - I reckon it had a nice amount of cinnamon ie not too much!

Pie-full Delight is run by just one woman who makes the salads, sandwiches, cuts up the pies, makes recommendations, handles the cash register... and yet somehow manages to churn meals out at a decent speed.

Pie-full Delight
40 E Springfield
Champaign, Illinois

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