Sunday, September 24, 2006


I just have to write something before I go to sleep in my new bedroom-for-a-year.

I finally got here after 7pm, after a 2hr-plus bus ride from Heathrow via Gatwick, a slightly over an hour flight from Dublin to london, after a five-hour wait at Dublin airport where I met another Singaporean, after a 6 hr 20 min flight from Chicago to Dublin.

So I'm on the top floor, the seventh floor, at this building opposite the beach. My room is apparently the envy of my three flatmates who have been here for a few months due to language requirements. It is a big room. It is bigger than I expected, there's actually space for my luggage on the floor and more, besides. I have a desk, bookshelves, a bed, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe and a sink. But best of all, I have two windows, one of which faces the sea. As I type this, I hear waves crashing on the beach to the left of me.

The area I'm staying in is right smack in party central apparently, as the senior resident advisor who checked me in made sure to point out. He also made sure to point out that it is important the main door is always firmly shut and not to let in any drunken idiots. Actually, when I got off at the bus station, there was already one drunken idiot, clutching a bottle of vodka and staggering around vaguely. And it was only 7pm.

I've unpacked a little, but realise there's so much more I need. One very good example: a pillow. So obviously there's plenty for me to do tomorrow. But one of my flatmates has offered to show me around in the afternoon so I'll definitely stock up on necessities!

It's been a rather long day and I've only had a few hours of napping so it's goodnight from Brighton. And I will probably get some pictures up asap!

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