Wednesday, September 06, 2006

oh for those good ole days

A quarter-century ago, the American landscape was very different from what it is today. We feel 150 years old to admit we started hunting for roadfood, there were no Wal-Marts, no Kmarts, no Home Depots, no Targets, no Outbacks, no Olive Gardens, no Red Lobsters and no Starbuckses. There was fast food, but it wasn't everywhere. This was a good thing.
Every place we went looked different. Today, a lot of Connecticut looks like Arizona, which looks like North Carolina, which looks like Illinois. It is possible to crisscross this country and never eat, shop, or stay in a strange place. This is not a good thing.

- Jane & Michael Stern, Two For The Road

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me said...

it's happening all over the world too..globalization, americanization.. we gettin there.
there'll be no place left w character..that's y u shd support yr local mom & pop stores..!!
wonderin if i can go join one of those IMF-world bank indoor protests.. hmm..:P
thanks 4 calling me!^^