Friday, September 29, 2006

On money

If not for the 99p store and poundland, I'd be more broke than I already am. You can't get everything there of course, but I've managed to pick up rather useful things such as hangers, mugs, cutlery, a knife, plates and bowls.

Bus rides are pricey here, with a single trip costing 1.50 or a day ticket at 3 pounds. So the best thing to do as a student, as I'm sure it is everywhere else, is get a student card. The ones here cost 300 pounds for a year though so that's a bit of a shocker to the credit card bill.

When it comes to eating, there are many cafes on campus, selling stuff like coffee, cakes, sandwiches, quiches (which are actually not too bad). So a lunch of a sandwich and a hot chocolate costs about 3.50. If I try very hard not to convert that into SGD, it sounds ok. I am just trying my best not to immediately times everything by three. Otherwise my hair would all fall out. So instead, I spend money at the supermarket and make my own meals.

The only problem I have with that is the supermarkets are about 5-10 min walk from the flat. That doesnt sound too bad but it is when you've got lots to carry and when the wind's blowing real hard. I suppose I was well spoilt in Illinois where I had my, er, personal chauffeur. :P

Plus, there's limited space in the fridge, which is shared with my three other flatmates, so not much I can do about that. Grocery shopping has to be frequent and in small portions, rather than buying a cartful of groceries once a week.

But, it's good exercise! And on the way there, I usually take the scenic route.

Having spent nearly a week here, I must say that I am getting quite fond of this place. And if you're thinking about taking a trip to London, you should consider hopping on the train to Brighton station. It's definitely worth it!


caedmon said...

i'm sure you'll have lotsa fun girl :)

The Imp said...

don't count!!! u'll tear ur hair out!! when i'm there, i just pretend it's in S$ even though it's a dollar for dollar. :) just chill and enjoy ur adopted home for the year!

olduvai said...

thanks guys.