Sunday, September 10, 2006

brownie points

Whenever I have a need for a chocolate fix, I reach into the fridge and pull out the bar of Ghiradelli's Intense Dark Twilight Delight and break out a square (just one!) but for the past few days, I had a need for something more fudgey and filling (ok so I'm just greedy) and turned on the oven, got out the ingredients and cracked out a batch of my favourite chocolate chip cookies using that lovely Neiman Marcus recipe (although I put in less coffee and added in some prechopped hazelnuts)

And half a batch of Bill Granger's brownies, which I adore as they just come out nicely fudgey and with the use of dark chocolate chips, instead of chocolate buttons, have insides studded with additional bittersweet bits. For a cocoa-based brownie, it's a pretty good deal (no melting of chocolate needed!)

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