Friday, November 11, 2005


Here's what I learnt on my day off on Thursday:
Carrying 20-odd CDs around town for the afternoon is no joke.
One, it's a pretty heavy and odd-sized package to handle
Two, the CDs set off store security alarms - at least in Zara and at least one other store.
But the Zara one I remember cos the guard came up to me and said: "when you leave let me know". So he checked out that one library book I was carrying - library books have set off these things before - but nope. Then I hefted over the CD bag and he gave that a try. And yep that was the culprit.
After that I decided it would be wise to stay out of any stores that actually sell CDs...

As I absentmindedly nibbled on a bit of kinderbueno chocolate egg that someone had given to me - and wondered who the hell could eat this overly sweet and milky concoction, or are you just supposed to smash open the egg for the toy? - I thought fondly of the two hours spent at ProjectShop on Thursday, where I nursed a cafe latte and read Chuck Klosterman's Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs, which I'm so loving. But also silently cursed my lack of Internet access - as well as my own unawareness - seeing that I had to read Polysyllabic Spree, return it, in order to get SDnCP borrowed, not realising that the library has drummed up a Christmas bonus in doubling the number of books that can be borrowed from Nov to Jan. Damnit. But that does mean I can go find more stuff....!

Oh and finally ate at Central at Taka but didn't think very much about it. Not worth a review. Might not go again. Mostly cos (1) almond milk drink tasted instant (2) when people order the Durian Fried Rice - why I dunno - it stinks up the place. Yes the stench lasts only a few minutes but that's just a few minutes too long.

However, we later adjourned to mezza9's martini bar, where we lounged on these great armchairs, where we were not overly plagued by cigar/cigarette smoke or have to yell to hear each other, where the pepper cashews were pretty tasty, but where I think I'd rather order a bottle of wine the next time. I'm not very good with martinis except for classic dry gin ones - I ordered a Negroni (gin, vermouth, campari) which was actually not too bad but somehow just gets a bit much the more you drink. Wine is far easier and I don't have to take a sip of water after a sip of wine. I suppose the people at the next table knew what they were doing when they ordered a bottle of red. (although eps and I agreed that the icewine martini sounds quite divine)

Listening to: Faker - The Familiar

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