Monday, November 14, 2005


Did I mention that I like reading Chuck Klosterman's writing?

He writes about a whole heap of irrelevant - but maybe relevant - topics from the NBA to MTV's Real World to porn.

But he's got this view on things that makes me want to laugh, shake my head in disagreement and even mutter to myself "what the hell is he thinking?" But he's got conviction in the stuff he writes and argues his way towards the conclusion he made in the beginning and somehow you find yourself nodding along to his points.

The chapter I'm reading now is about Star Wars and Gen Xers (which is a term hardly heard these days but is supposed to sum up those born between 1965 and 1977. So apparently I dont fall into that group. What the hell am I then? Gen Y??)

He believes Luke Skywalker is the original Gen Xer.
- he's incessantly whiny
- he's exhaustively educated about things that had little practical value (like how to stand on one's head while lifting a rock telekinetically)
- he's romantically interested in a woman who looks at him like a brother
- his dad is "on his case to join the family business"
- "Most significantly, all the problems in his life can be directly blamed on the generation that came before him, and specifically on his father's views about what to believe"

A couple of pages later, he ends up with this conclusion:
"Quite simply, Winona Ryer is Luke Skywalker, only with a better haircut and a killer rack."

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caedmon said...

hmmm...thought we were genXers.i certainly don't wanna be lumped together with the genYers, cos that puts me in the same category as my cousin in JC??? HAR???

olduvai said...

maybe we are lost generation....

eatzycath said...

hahhaa... i so totally agree with this Klosterman guy.. maybe cos' I'm not a GenXer!