Sunday, November 20, 2005

Dining out: Mozzaic

My palate is still thinking about the grilled pineapple I had at dinner on Saturday. Yeah, ended up at one of them Brazilian churrascaria places - Mozzaic at Club Street.

The intention was to hit Oosters but (1) the indoor section was booked up for a private function and (2) they were all out of mussels, which was what we were there for.

So a wander towards Club Street, where a Club Street festival was in swing, with people sitting at tables on the closed-off street and looking somewhat festive (although the weather was a bit humid for outdoor dining). We chose the quieter side, and airconditioning and ended up at Mozzaic.

The manager, upon learning we did not have reservations, scrutinised the reservations list for several minutes before leading us to a table at the back. The place was about half full. Empty tables aplenty.

We went for the carnivore option ($38 per person for dinner) and waited for the roving salad bar to come our way - it took a bit of time and I must admit muttering impatiently about that. Interesting concept though, ideal for lazy people like me. But that also means it's up to the server to pour your dressing and that's usually something I prefer, mostly cos I don't really fancy dressing that much. But it turned out alright.

The meats were pretty good, and included beef rump (which was amazingly tender), lamb shoulder, chicken, chicken heart (surprisingly edible) and pork sausage. And to finish, grilled pineapple - my mouth waters just thinking of it. It was a good end to the meal.

Mozzaic Restaurant
36 Club Street,
Tel: 6325-3360

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