Thursday, November 17, 2005

up there

cyber gaming is big in sg, with all these damn international competitions being played out here.
but isnt it a bit said to be a professional gamer? to spend your waking hours in front of a screen fighting virtual enemies and playing virtual sports? do these people ever see the light of day?

ok, i guess i'm in a similar situation. I spend 8 hours in an office everyday, the nearest window about 20m away. I can't tell if it's dark outsides, cos i have to turn my head to peer at the windows - which in fact just offer a view of the rest of the building, so i dont really consider that a proper window. i haven't the faintest idea if it's raining - unless I hear thunder rumbling outside. I am glued to the computer screen, working or chatting or surfing the web for more random info to fill my head with.

the only time i step outside of this windowless world is to have dinner for an hour, and to go home. On the days I hit the office gym, its a elevator ride up 4 stories, and into yet another airconditioned space, this time with windows looking out onto the opposite HDB blocks. That is, until darkness falls and the windows turn mirrors and all I see is myself, panting, running out of breath, until I stop.

Then it's back to more hours in the airless space, with my photos of sunsets in canada, perth and the sandy Cherating beach my outlets to a world of natural beauty, endless space and fresh air.

I want to go outside.


dimsumdolly said...

me too. :(

aberwyn said...

Do it.