Tuesday, November 08, 2005


A colleague, whom I worked with previously at the other place downstairs, and who nowadays likes to pop by my desk and talk his fill of rubbish, said to me today, after looking at my latest read on my table.
"Reading one book a week just means that you've got nothing better to do. You need to get yourself a guy."
Then he adds "want to take out an ad? It'll just say something like, 'looking for someone, have strict requirements - must be a man'."
I laugh it off and stare daggers into his back as he walks away.


aberwyn said...

woah that was mean and tactless.

anyway is that a new nick hornby book i see? paperback out yet?

olduvai said...

well i was about to write up a post on it but here's a short version: it's a collection of his columns from The Believer magazine.

Did a search on the Kino website for it but they don't seem to have it. Then again, a search for "nick hornby" only threw up one result, and it wasn't even written by him - methinks they need to redo their search site.

yAnn said...

gosh, that was just so rude.
some people can be so insensitive.

like your choice of books!

BTW, i popped over from hucks'. =)

mel said...

meano. you go read all u want girl. and i lost the list of books u recommended to me the last time! :(

huckerby said...

olduvai, meet yann. yann, meet olduvai. you guys are cs people. heheh

anyway, is this guy fat and from a south asian country? hahaha :X

olduvai said...

mel - heh, well.. start with those I'm reading now! :)

hello yann, thanks for dropping by!

hucks - EXACTLY!

huckerby said...

the whole incident just smacks of his disgusting-ness. urgh.