Thursday, November 03, 2005

Too much information

This just wasn't my week.

I end up missing a good lunch on Saturday, spending the lunch hour waiting to see the doctor to get something to cure a urinary tract infection. Having a UTI is no fun - you just constantly feel like you need to pee, even though you just just went. Thankfully the desperate need to go to the loo disappeared after a few hours of taking the meds

Then just four days later I once again find myself back at the doctor's for a different problem altogether - stomach flu.

And when you wake up at 4am to throw up, and again at 6am. It's a problem!

Sitting by the toilet bowl, hoping not to heave again, made me realise that food, whether good or bad, cheap or expensive, just ends up being churned up in the stomach, with the relevant stuff being used and the irrelevant stuff being junked.

And sometimes your body just doesn't want to work and just wants to get rid of everything in the stomach and that's when you find yourself by the toilet bowl in the wee hours, just wanting to go to sleep but not being able to cos your stomach's just churning and not letting you sleep. And when you've finally got everything out, you just want to sleep and not eat and not eating just makes you even more tired and drowsy. Then you wonder if you can make it over to the doctor's because for sure you aren't going to work today but you manage to. Then you go home and stone in front of the TV until you remember that you ought to eat something before you take the medicine so you go cook some porridge but can only stomach a small bowl. but you do and you take the medicine and go sleep somemore.

You know that you should eat and yet it's impossible to eat more than a few spoons of porridge because your head hurts and your stomach's still churning and all you want to do is go to sleep.

So it's 10pm. Five hours earlier than your usual bedtime. You don't care. You drop off into dreamland as soon as you turn off the bedside lamp and before you know it, it's 10.30pm. You've slept for more than 12 hours.

And so at 4.35pm on a Thursday, Hari Raya, I write this at work. I'd still rather be sleeping, or stoning in front of the TV but I guess since I was well enough to check emails at home, I could do the same at work.

All I hope for the coming week is that I'll be in good health. I don't want to have to see any doctor for the rest of the year.

Having two health issues - both for the first time - to get over in one week was more than enough.

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mel said...

yipes, hope you're feeling better. lots of water and wholesome, light food for you dearie!