Tuesday, November 15, 2005

pass it on

My friend hucks has graciously tagged me with yet another meme.

So here are:
Ten things I am grateful for today (in no particular order)
- my family (although we're a bit weird at least we're somewhat sane)
- my friends (for being there for me, and those who haven't, those I dunno
- the internet
- mp3 blogs
- happy hours
- for having been relatively healthy so far
- chocolate
- dictionaries
- holidays
- that work starts at 4pm and I can pop over to town before going into the office (at least until the end of the year)

And to the following five people i'm throwing this at... too bad!
dsd, slumbering gal, aberwyn (i've never tagged someone i've never met before but there's always a first time! altho i have no idea if you do respond to tags...), mel, and my sister

This list was brought to you by the band that starts with the letter W - We Are Scientists, just cos I wrote it while listening to Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt. We Are Scientists are an NY band which happens to have a bit of a cute/geeky sense of humour.

off their website's Corrections & Addenda:
On a flight from New York City to London on September 21st, Chris listened to his iPod, an electronic device, during takeoff. We Are Scientists regret having almost caused the aircraft to crash into an airport hotel or the flight tower or another plane, and also wish to express total uncomprehending surprise that none of those things happened.

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