Sunday, January 15, 2006

bundles of joy, maybe not

i always thought babies were cute wee things.

On Saturday, at my cousin's baby's first birthday, there were quite a few little ones with faces like old men, who would look exactly as they're looking right now in 40 years time.

One had rather big eyes, marred by some thick bushy eyebrows and a screwed-up mouth.
Another had a rather flat forehead and a chin that jutted out.
There was, however, a darling little girl of about 4 or 5, who had large adoring eyes and long straight hair. Very photogenic.

The birthday girl herself looked sweet in her pink dress and headband, which fortunately was of a faint dusty pink, and not the frightful dayglo plasticine pink that was the colour of her cake.

Now the cake was such a sight - It was a teddy bear, in 3D, and cost $158.

It actually tasted better than it looked, with some blueberry filling sandwiched with chocolate cake layers.

Strangely though, none of the kids were traumatised by the decapitation and slicing up of the bear/cake. Maybe they were too young. But it was amusingly weird to see the pink head - long eyelashes and all - smiling away at everyone as it sat body-less on the plate. I wondered if I should just poke it back onto its stake and leave it outside the flat as a warning to other dayglo plasticine pink bears heading this way.

Listening to: Ash - Angel Interceptor


caedmon said...

i don't know whether to laugh or cry over your description of those baby oldies...really so ugly??? so sad.... :(

olduvai said...

well, let's just say that i wouldn't exactly coo over them.

germaine said...

That sort of cake comes a close second to those with a photo of the birthday child icing-printed on them. Can't imagine how a kiddie would take to seeing her own chubby face sliced up with a plastic cake knife..

olduvai said...

hmm i havent seen one of those yet! scary.