Tuesday, January 10, 2006

public holiday rosé and blues

While you lot were enjoying yer public holiday, here's what I did.
Got up at about 10, had a cup of milo and glanced at the papers.
Took a quick shower, grabbed my coat and hat, and I walked the streets trying to remember, all those wild nights breeze through my mind.
Ok it was more like
Took a quick shower, grabbed my purse, keys, phone, umbrella, and walked to brunch at the lovely Ikea haven of Cellar Door Deli to have brunch with the rgs bunch.
Instead of adding $9 each to our meals for a glass of champagne and coffee/tea, we got ourselves a nice bottle of bubbly for $53. Extravagant yes but it was a public holiday. It also seems to be a week of indulgent meals for me. We're heading out to the PS Cafe yet again - well, again for eps and me, char and mel will be there for the first time.
Then with eps only heading to a friend's house nearby after 2, she popped by to catch Will & Grace for a bit.
I adore Will & Grace! Although that really should be "I adore Jack & Karen!"
And then I had to go to work. Where I snuck off to the gym for an hour and now my legs are tired.

Listening to: Youth Group - Why Don't The Buildings Cry?


aberwyn said...

Seems like a good way to spend the hols, why blue?
I noticed you are reading Pullman. I like his storytelling. Very dark for kid's fantasy. Much better than Harry Potter.

Oh well, maybe it's just me. I like dark, gothic stuff.

olduvai said...

Oh i adore Pullman. The series is absolutely brilliant.
and yeah it wasn't blue.

Fazli said...

U're listenin to Fiona Apple! Yeay! My fav! Take care! :)

olduvai said...

yeah her new album's great!