Sunday, January 08, 2006

Weekend update or non-update

Stuff happened
Don't feel like writing about it.
If you really are just dying to know, ask me.
I think it might be the fact that on Sunday morning I slept from 230am to 215pm. Woke up, looked at the watch, looked at a second watch to make doubly sure. Luckily work only starts at 4. Otherwise I'd be so screwed. I think it's easily forgiveable, it was a perfect day to sleep in, as the rain dripped on unendingly outside.
And I, under the quilt, was snug.

Sunday's randomniser (posted on Mon)
- the 15-minute hipster learns that a new upcoming album has been overlooked.

- Heidi Fleiss opens an all-male brothel in Nevada, where prostitution is legal (is that why the girls on the TV show Las Vegas dress that way?)
And apparently she's scaring the Nevada Brothel Association.

- Slate tells you how to rip off Starbucks or any other coffee chain. I've already been doing it to Spins.

- My horoscope in the Times' special thinks this is the year I go "From Caution To Courage". Sounds like a good idea.

- This was quite an interesting read. A treat for Christmas, then, but not necessarily for life.

- Some more best of lists including "The Top 10 Things I Accidentally Ate In 2005" which has a Real Meat Products Mixed With Vegetarian Faux-Meat Products dish - Turn dinner time into a politically-loaded, baffling ordeal!

- oh and of course, What Would Jesus Blog?
(via Banana Nutrament)

- I did not know that John Cusack blogs for Huffington Post and now that I do know, you can bet I'll be reading it. (which leads onto my next confession that....

I am a John Cusack fan.
Even when he delves into the more commercial and acts in inane movies like Must Love Dogs, which I just saw, I still gaze up at the screen, at his pleasant but not handsome face, watching his every move.
He is not in the leagues of the chiselled Brad Pitt or the gorgeous and slightly eccentric Johnny Depp, but he still manages to charm. Perhaps part of his charm is the way he seems more ordinary than those two who seem as reachable as that rainbow in the distance.
And those characters he plays are always just a little offbeat - such as the assassin in Grosse Pointe Blank (which he co-wrote) or the boatmaker in Must Love Dogs (which I have to honestly admit, was actually watchable, although painfully so in some parts which were just so glaringly wrong).
He's not the suave charming type, yet he's got charisma.
He plays the every man who is "Confused. Morally ambiguous." as he says in an interview with The Guardian

will stop.
(you might be wondering why I'm posting this at 0800 on a Monday. Rather unlike me, but then I'm compensating for having slept 12 hours. So today I only slept about 5. I could've slept more but all these thoughts were running around in my head so I couldn't.)

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dimsumdolly said...

yah, i love John Cusack too.

and i slept loads on Sunday as well. didn't want to wake up man.