Monday, January 16, 2006

Hello my name is olduvai, and evidently, I'm not a shopoholic

I don't shop very well.

I was in town for about 1 1/2 on Monday before work. I had $50 worth of Isetan vouchers.

I went in and out of shops, glancing at the displays, moving some items about.

I didn't try anything on.

I went to work having spent not even one of the five $10 vouchers.

Thank god they're valid until next year.


imp said...

kekekeke. shopping is tiring business. go again next week when the spring collection's in?

olduvai said...

i shall bravely venture forth again soon!

Anonymous said...

Would things change if it was a Zara or Mango voucher instead? :) And about the weekend writing course, it was only for one weekend. :( - D W

caedmon said... always seems that whenever i shop deliberately, i don't get anything! maybe that's what happened to you! how abt keeping them vouchers in your wallet just in case u chance upon something? u have to "chance upon" it lah, it might work betta :)

olduvai said...

caedmon - yeah someone said something like that as well! they are nestled in my purse. :)

DW - only one weekend? how does that work?

Anonymous said...

It was a short but intensive 3-day course. It was a 10 am to 6 pm kind of thing. - D W