Tuesday, January 10, 2006

desktop publishing

I've been using this desk for the past six months and I suppose I settled into it quite early, despite not knowing earlier on if I were to stay put or not.

It's now stocked with 3.2GB of music, loaded with the essentials like iTunes, Firefox (and the del.icio.us extension) and of course, my favourite wallpaper - Weezer's the lion and the witch.

Some of my favourite photos line the sides of the cubicle, and now, thanks to huijie, a bear sits beside the monitor, all snug in his woolly hat and scarf, a secret smile on his face as he watches me with his beady black eyes. I glare at him and give him a poke in the stomach to show who's boss. But I have the feeling that when I leave the office he hops off the desk and dumpster-dives my box of crap, his dirty-yellow feet sticking out, waving in the air.

And under the table:
One box full of stuff - including some ten art books that the LaSalle museum piled onto me after an interview, between 20 and 30 notebooks full of scribblings, some 10 other blank notebooks given free by publicists of various events - is jammed into a corner under my desk. This box has been lugged upstairs, from one temporary desk to the next.
Another box, empty. I just like to have it around cos its from Agnes B. And it really would look quite nice if I dusted it off a bit. Probably will move it home one day.
My old pair of running shoes and a bottle of soap.

Music landscape: Fin by Furniture

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