Thursday, June 15, 2006

crepes and coffee

I have been lazy.
I really have no excuse.
But I am taking the slacker's way out and pointing you kind folks who read this inane crap I occasionally spew, to my good friend DSD's entry on Wiener Kaffeehaus , where she, the slumbering gal and I met for some Austrian food and some good conversation.

I shall add a bit though, since DSD didn't mention the coffee, which she didn't have in the first place. I ordered what is apparently the viennese version of a cappucino, but with decidedly less foam (good for me - I am the foam scooper) and thankfully no cinnamon (cinnamon and coffee... who ever thought that was a good idea must be crazy). But it was such a lush intense coffee flavour. Very delightful indeed. And they serve it on a lovely silver tray.

Since the owner had mentioned in an interview with Life that he missed cafes where one could sit "for hours", I decided to take his word for it and sat reading for the good part of the evening, until the two friends came by after work.
So go read the blog entry about the food. I do wholeheartedly agree with her.

But I shall add that after slumbering gal left, DSD and I went over to the nearby Creperie Ar-Men in Duxton Road, wandering first past some seedy bars with long-haired skimpily clad women plying their various trades outside.

Then climbed some wooden stairs up to the restaurant seating area, ordered a mug of cider (yummy) and shared a chestnut crepe topped with chocolate sauce and homemade praline ice-cream.

We ate and drank the Brittany-style treats, surrounded by pictures of lighthouses and to the tunes of bagpipes....

Wiener Kaffeehaus
148 Neil Road
Tel: 6226-3148

Creperie Ar-Men
37 Duxton Road
Tel: 6227-3389

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Veronica Wiesmann said...

Hello Olduvai

I read your blog on Wiener Kaffeehaus with interest. Perhaps I can treat you to a cup of coffee. Please write to and I will send you a coffee voucher.