Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ready steady

I'm sitting writing this on a Tuesday afternoon at 335pm. A time when I'm usually running back upstairs to find my keys, ready to go out to catch the bus to get to work at 4pm. (Yes, I've had the luck to live a 15-minute bus ride from work, and at this time, with no traffic whatsoever)

But today, I'm at home, in a tanktop and a pair of shorts, not ready for work at all. It's not my off day, instead I've been made to take over someone's 6pm shift. I don't know how to handle starting work at 6pm. So it's only 2 hours later than usual but somehow it feels like eternity.

Guess it's just my luck to be quitting at this time, when all kinds of people are on leave, on MC or on course. So we're shorthanded. So I can't have an easier last two weeks.

But how odd it is to think that next Thursday will be my last day at work. That I will be unemployed. That instead of that little bit of money coming into my bank account each month, money will be just flowing out of it. And that I finally get my nights back again. Instead of spending my nights at the office, I'd be er...well... at home probably.

But man when I think of how close next Thursday is, I just want to jump for joy.

Listening: Muse - Starlight

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shaz said...

isn't it always like that. I feel like that every day. I envy you for being unemployed and embracing it.