Thursday, June 29, 2006

Not really a write-up

Ah Buko Nero. That lovely little Italian-Asian place in Tanjong Pagar run by Oscar and Tracy.

It's more than a year since I last stepped into this restaurant. But the food never fails. Although this time, it took quite a while getting to us.

First, a disclaimer: I wasn't planning to write about this. So I didn't exactly take note of the descriptions of the dishes. Apologies.

Dinner started off with something from the chef - a crostini of beef, horseraddish mayo and apricot. Delightful. Made me want to go to Morton's for their sandwiches.

Then the shared starter of more crostini - this time of parma ham and er mozarella I think. Sorry wasn't paying attention to the description in the menu, just remember popping it into my mouth and loving it.

We had also ordered a nice bottle of the house sauvignon blanc, which was described as fruity. And fruity it was, refreshing too. Nope, didnt note down the name.

A lemon and kiwi sherbet arrived after the starter.

Our mains only reached us at 930. We watched as plates exited the kitchen, only to end up on someone else's table. But finally, ours arrived.

What the others ordered: the honey and miso salmon (a special of the day), the veal cheek and mushroom ragu with penne and the tau kwa tower.

What I had: the risotto with mascarpone cheese and lamb prosciutto. The risotto was done just right, with the mascarpone giving it a rather milky texture, and the prosciutto helping to break through that creaminess. It did, however, get a bit jelat towards the end. But mm yummy. I love risotto.

And for dessert: the lemon curd and blueberries tart and the sticky date pudding. The tart was not too bad, although the blueberries came in the form of a jam on the side. I've never been a fan of sticky date pudding though, but I thought it was ok.

The girls bought me a going away present. How sweet! It's Bills Food by Bill Granger. I'm so thrilled! I turn the pages, just dying to eat everything that's featured. I already know his brownie is an amazing one... I have to try something else soon.

Buko Nero
126 Tanjong Pagar Road,
Tel: 6324-6225

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