Thursday, June 01, 2006

Eating out

I eat dinner at the kopitiams around the office four nights a week - on Sundays I usually bring my own food as the thought of a fifth dinner at a kopitiam would make me sad. I have no choice. I work from 4pm till after midnight. So dinner is where the work is.

But tons of other people have choices, so why are they all eating at the kopitiams after work? And families... do these kids never get homecooked meals?

I guess kopitiam food isn't all that bad as long as you pick the right food, and it is cheap. But to me, it's just a bit sad to not eat homecooked meals regularly.

I've been very lucky - my mom who works full-time cooks. And by hanging out in the kitchen, I learnt to cook.

But there are many people less lucky - or maybe more lazy. People who da pow food home every night. Who never step into their kitchens - which are prob those spotless white kitchens. (How could anyone ever have a white kitchen!) And apparently, people who are doing away with kitchens from their houses altogether. A home with no kitchen - to me that's not a home.


germaine said...

I've had less than 30 homecooked meals in the last 5 months, half of which were seriously not worth eating. We don't cook at home because everyone works, and when my mother does attempt to cook after work it just tastes so bland I wish we'd eaten at the kopitiam instead. That said, she's a really good cook when she does exert herself.. but that happens only for Occasions like family gatherings or parties.

And I haven't cooked a single meal in about the same period of time. I blame convenience. It's just too easy and cheap to get a kopitiam meal.. and there's no washing up!

Lounge Lizard said...

The man who marries you is a lucky man.

That said, when can you cook up a storm to entertain me?