Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lunch at Iggy's

It was so tasty and yet so simple.

A hickory-smoked trout, a slice of potato rosti and a bed of greens. Instead of the usual slivers one associates with smoked fish, this was a nice slab of trout. I love smoked fish and this was heavenly. The potato rosti was also beautifully crisp and tasty. I couldn't get enough. Can't really figure out what was in the greens but the dressing had a great tangy taste to it. Easily the star of my lunch.

Eps starter of capellini was a sizeable portion, but it unfortunately reminded us of fried mee, possibly because of the hei bee taste.

She went with Iggy's famous burger. A tall but slim tower, which tasted of truffles. Unfortunately truffles are lost on me. (er yeah, I know... it just doesn't do it for me) I guess I prefer my burgers simple, with cheese and bacon. However, the accompanying caramelised potato wedges were sweet and soft yet crunchy and the salad had a delightful zesty citrus dressing.

My main was ok. It was lamb, on a bed of vegetables i-dunno-what-you-call-it but chopped up vegetables cooked with a sauce. A tempura-ed eggplant lay on top but was strangely tasteless. Or maybe I've been eating oversalted tempura. I'm not sure.

Dessert was a banana tarte tatin. With banana ice-cream. Banana overload! Would've been nicer with a different flavoured ice-cream. But the tart was lovely - not too sweet, with just the right amount of banana slices and an excellent pastry.

But it was overshadowed by the fascinating creme caramel with candied tomatoes and basil ice-cream that eps chose. It all went beautifully together, reminding me of a tomato/mozarella salad with basil leaves. The ice-cream kinda grew on you and was rather refreshing.

Service was efficient although a bit strangely accented when the waiter gave his recommendations. But that is definitely how a set lunch is meant to be served. Done with the course, and ready with the next one. Not too immediate but with a satisfactory break in between. Efficiency, with an A+.

The restaurant - we set at the counter by the way - was packed full, with a mix of business-like people and tai tais (and one odd table of a tai tai and her young 10 to 12-yo son. A tai tai's version of fast food perhaps?)

The four tai tais seated at the corner of the counter talked rather loudly, except for those few moments of silence just after the meal when they all picked at food with toothpicks (weirdest sight ever at a restaurant). The windowless premises don't help as it's all rather solid, with nothing much to absorb sound. So you get to eavesdrop on your neighbours, or in the case of the tai tais, your neighbours' neighbours, if you're sitting at the counter.

Iggy's, in case you didn't know, was ranked 98 out of the world's best 100 restaurants, by British-based
Restaurant magazine, although Chubby Hubby felt that the voting system is hardly fair and subsequently devised his own restaurant survey (voting's now closed)

I definitely enjoyed my lunch but maybe my expectations were too high or maybe I'm supposed to go at dinner time and not for their set lunch for me to be blown away by the food.

Iggy's three-course set lunch is at $45 and a five-course set is at $75.

Level 3, The Regent
Tel: 6732-2234

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