Sunday, June 04, 2006

Friday... Saturday.... Sunday

I braved the Friday heat and crowds and took a stab at some light shopping in town.

While waiting for the bus, some twenty minutes into my afternoon jaunt, my will starts to falter and I think instead of heading to the cool dark interiors of my home and watching crapo afternoon TV. Luckily, in a couple of minutes, the damn bus finally arrives and I find myself on my way to town.

I almost do not want to leave the a/c of the bus, but then I'd find myself in North Bridge Road. So I get off and drag my feet into Paragon - thinking some slightly more atas a/c will do the trick. It does, somewhat. My feet start to pick up slightly, and I saunter into one of those shops on the upper levels - the ones which don't cause your wallet to spontaneously combust - and am dazzled by the signs proclaiming 20 .. no wait... 30.... oh! 40 percent off. Unfortunately there's nothing I want, even at those discounts. And then I step into the POA store. I always like this store. Kinda dark, with surprises on every rack. And this time I fall in love with a bag. And a couple of dresses and a skirt.

But then, I remember that shitload of dough I have to drop later on this year. So I put down that lovely silky skirt, that great black bag with bronze studs, that cute dress and that other cute dress. I leave empty handed.

I do however, buy a pair of pants later at 30% off.

So it's not entirely a shop-less day. And I head home feeling hot, thirsty and not broke - at least not for now, that is.

The good news is I do later find a cheaper flight - which means more shopping money for the US!
The bad news is I somehow manage to drop a lock on my foot. I still am not sure how but I remember feeling a sharp pain, the lock clattering to the ground, me limping to the side and yelping.
The good news is it's nothing - not even, strangely, an orh-cheh yet.
The bad news is, damn no excuse - my Sunday evening's at the office.

Some other random notes about this weekend.

Hmm.. so you bring in some beer and they give you a Crumpler?

I watched X-Men on Saturday and was thrilled...
they got rid of Scott! I didn't have to watch James Marsden do a Keanu Reeves for the entire movie!

On Sunday, after a lunch of leftovers and a-third of a pizza from da paolo gastronomie, I popped by the library to return books due the next day. This time, too lazy to head into town, I drove to the nearest library - the Queenstown Library, which I have written about before as the Library of My Childhood. (And it seems, the library of many other childhoods, judging by the screaming brats running around the damn place. I shall definitely appreciate the relative quiet of the Central Library's dungeon otherwise known as its lending section)

Anyway, I was thrilled to grab a copy of the River Cafe ?, Jamie's Italy (I loved watching his Great Italian Escapade, especially that episode where he found out that Italian kids are fed well in schools and that in that one town, the Macs had to close down cos the kids wouldn't eat there. This of course will not happen in Sg.), David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas and Nancy Mitford's Love In A Cold Climate.

Thanks to the free parking across the road, I could've stayed the whole day but the seats were taken up by crowds young crammers upstairs (wait, isn't it the school holidays? ok silly question, this is Sg after all) and downstairs the yelling level had crescendoed - I was waiting for the glass to break.

And now here I am at work. Legs crossed, back straight. Darjeeling tea in my mug, set for a long night ahead.


imp said...

save the moolah! drop it all at the outlets in US.

caedmon said...

ha. i like this post.