Tuesday, June 20, 2006

eat my shorts

I'm going everywhere. I decide the destinations. If there is a driving agenda, it's how many Asia shows can I shove down the network's throat. That's really it. You think we can go to Vietnam again yet?

Anthony Bourdain reminds me why he's one of the best food/travel show hosts around.

The Boston Globe talks chocolate chip cookies, with some advice from experts

Justhungry makes notes on food photography

Esurientes makes me hungry with a Nutella cake that uses an entire jar of Nutella.

NY Magazine takes time to point out urban etiquette dos and donts, such as "How do you decide who gets what restaurants, bars, and friends post-breakup?", "How should you indicate to a cabdriver/person sitting next to you on a bus that you don't want to chat?" and "When is it okay to ask a stranger about something in the newspaper he's holding on the train?"

Listening: Bloc Party- Storm and Stress

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huckerby said...

didn't know you're a simpsons fan!