Sunday, June 25, 2006

Weekend eats

The tough decision making continued on Sunday as I stared at the screen and pondered... should I use my UNI$ on food vouchers? Or shopping vouchers? In the end, I decided on a mix of both. I made a quick pasta for the tapow dinner for work (with some chicken meat, yellow capsicum, asparagus, a teeny bit of chopped ginger and some garlic, tossed together with some olive oil and spices) And then I went to work. So that's my terrrrrribly exciting Sunday for you. But then, there will only be one more Sunday like this so I guess it's meant to be cherished.

On Saturday, I wondered what the slow service folks at Pu Dong (Balmoral Plaza) meant by "arrested vegetables" in their menu. I was laughing so hard I forgot to read the Chinese translation. However, this Shanghainese restaurant did also have "jerry fish" and "duck tone" on the menu, in case you'd like to give those a try.

Me and my folks skipped those dishes and headed straight for the chicken in chinese wine sauce (nice flavour but full of bones), spring onion pancakes (a bit overfried), xiaolongbao (excellent broth but so stingy on the meat that the baos lay almost flat!), a plate of caixin and a dish of stirfried nian gao with cabbage and pork (it's not the niangao that you get at new year, btw)

Then a quick stop on the way home at Island Creamery for a baked alaska for my mom, a scoop of kahlua latte for my dad and a scoop of pulot hitam for myself. Always creamy, always good.

Pu Dong Kitchen
271 Bt Timah Rd,
#B1-02 Balmoral Plaza
Tel: 6732 8966

Island Creamery
10 Jalan Serene,
Serene Centre, #01-05
Tel: 6468-8859


imp said...

i like this little shanghainese restaurant. very quiet. but fills up quickly.

me said...

gosh.. where was i? i think i've missing out on the good Saturday dinners.. hmm..
u gotta start spending some time w me lah!!