Saturday, June 17, 2006

my 06.06.06 surprise

It's been an interesting couple of weeks.

First, I worked normal hours for a change last week - ok, better than normal - as I was on course. It was four days of 10am - 430pm bliss.

I also wrote up my first ever resignation letter - with some suggestions from various pp - printed it up and handed it in to my boss one day after class.

"I hear you have a surprise for me," he said.
I was the one surprised. The grapevine works quick, doesn't it.

So there it is. I tendered. On 06/06/06. It wasn't intentional.

And another thing new... I drew pages. (For me a big deal, cos me and layout = just don't work) And more importantly, I did them on the new system everyone's been bitching about. And I realise I still don't know much about layout rules and design but it's a good experience nonetheless.

I picked up my airtickets. And said goodbye to a big lot of money (damn these airlines and expensive flights).

I attempted to get my Entry Clearance done at the visa office, only to be told that I can't do it more than 3 months before entering the UK. So I have to go back again at the end of the month. However, the nice staffer there helped me look through my papers and made some suggestions about additional documents I might need. So hopefully when I go back, it'll be painless.

Ok I suppose I should backtrack here, since I've not written about this previously. The reason I am leaving my job is that I'm going back to study. I'm not sure why really. All kinds of reasons I suppose. It's been something I've been meaning to do for a while, and I figured that without any major commitments - the decision to send out my applications took place early in the year btw - I should go do this while I'm still (relatively) young. Then I meet this great guy and somehow things all fall in place and well, this year is turning out to be a far better year than I was expecting it to be. : )

So at the end of next month, I'll be trudging onto a plane, ready for a lonnnngggg flight halfway across the world, with as many of my belongings as I can fit into two bags. And then two months later, a shorter flight to a new city, to a new school.
Can't wait!


imp said...

all the best babe.

hope you'll continue writing. can't wait for more cool posts from wherever you might be... :)

mel said...

happy for you :)

olduvai said...

thanks guys!

dimsumdolly said...

very happy for you and also happy that i had a part to play in you meeting the great guy! :)