Friday, May 09, 2003

and the truth is....
there are too many things i want to do, to experience, to try.
and i honestly cannot decide on one specific one to do a masters in
my decision keeps changing everyday.
there is the FILM route - prob the US
there is the ARCHAEOLOGY route - prob the UK
there is the INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS/STUDIES route - prob Australia
there is the CELTA/TESOL route - prob aust too

to me, the CELTA/TESOL route is the most .... logical one. in the sense that it is a professional teaching qualification and that would help me get overseas and teach there.

but my dream has always been to study Archaeology - i prob should have done that a long time ago. and the Uni of Edinburgh has a Masters progr that doesn't require a bachelor's in archaeology.

as for international studies/relations. that would prob help in the journalism realm but i'm thinking of opting out of that world. i'm not meant to be a journalst. i think i'd be a better freelance writer. but in singapore? that's difficult no?