Saturday, April 30, 2005

day off is not really a day off

it's interesting how a day off is never really a day off, especially when it's a Saturday. I usually have to work Saturdays so I was pleasantly surprised to be given today off.

But with this job, it's never really done until Sunday. You get people calling, you get stories sent via email.
And once again you play the waiting game!

Wait in line
'Till your time
Ticking clock
Everyone stop

Everyone's saying different things to me
Different things to me
Everyone's saying different things to me
Different things to me

Friday, April 29, 2005

extraordinary pp

After reading Slumbering Gal's entry about the people she's met in her course of work, I started thinking about the various pp i've met, pp who I admire, those who have become friends.

*Tanya, the producer of the movie Cages
sweet and petite, it's always a pleasure to talk to her and she's always got a smile on her face.

*Jessica Callahan, whom I met thru Tanya.
a blind teenager with a beautiful voice. I'm sure she'll make it big soon

* Turodrique, of Local Brand
i always admire entrepreneurs and he's well, a great guy! (and i know he reads this blog hehe)

* sherman, director
very down-to-earth guy and takes these amazing, vibrant photos

former restaurant manager, god knows what he's doing now, but this guy sure isnt adverse to risk-taking, a trait i definitely admire. oh and the restaurant he used to manage.... the food was heavenly!

* jeremy and lu ann, introduced by chong
all three of them entrepreneurs... i think u are sensing a pattern here, and such friendly people too

* Danu
my friend in batam! his patience and enthusiasm just bowled us over

*Siew Ying at Metta Cattery
and her beautiful cats. sigh... i always had a soft spot for Fat Robin.

*Vivian and Leslie and the rest of the Obs
one of my favourite bands, local or international.

i've met and interviewed celebrities (not that many but at least pp i was interested in interviewing) like writer jasper fforde, placebo bassist Stefan Olsdal, Colombian artist Fernando Botero, Japanese director Kazushi Watanabe,
And ordinary people-turned-newsmakers who have become friends, like Ying who's now in Melby having the time of his life.

Of course there are the people I could not survive a workday without. Their emails, messages, smses, lunches, coffee breaks, after-work chats, all mean a lot to me. So thanks jem, malcolm, fiona, yuenc, dawn, joan, tien, lena, lester, sujin, yvonne, ben, huijie, sarah, zub, greg, elsie, e-ping, charmaine, jill, mel, lynda, sean, ash, edwin, my sister
These people are also included in the following list, which are the people who i constantly bug for contacts/help with stories: kenneth, calvin, turodrique, jeremy, chong, juan, joanne, clarice, agnes, kevin, wenyi, wyn, wenjie, wayne, winston, terence, nain, cyn, amira, del.

Sneaky update: I'd forgotten people overseas! out of sight, but not out of mind, i promise! em in dc, mel, kev, shuping in melby, f in plymouth, cousins in the UK, the mckenzies in nz and the spurlings in sydney.

i'm sure i'm leaving out names but you know who you are!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


it's time to put something new here. i've been lazy. i've been complaining to real life people instead of complaining to the computer and to the maybe three readers of this blog.

(oh btw i know very slow, but ive just discovered bloglines and firefox. now my life is complete. what will i do now?)

anyway, it's been relatively interesting, but i shant bore you all (yes the three of you) with all the fascinating details of my life. instead, i shall reveal that i have been going to dutifully watch a few films at the Singapore International Film Festival, though I am a very disgruntled viewer, forking out NINE DOLLARS AND FORTY CENTS for each film.... and watching each film in the damn crap ok cinemas of Bitch Road.
the only saving grace of that place is that (1) at least it's not in boon lay or some place (2) got liang seah nearby!

anyway, will be heading back tomorrow... to see Cafe Lumiere. apparently the director will be present, like during the screening of Niceland on Sunday.

Oh other shows - today was Wilby Wonderful (a wonderfully nice little movie that is set on an island population 4200. the movie started off with a beautifully dizzy cartoon called L'homme sans ombre. great use of sound effects too) last weekend was Tarnation - very disturbing autobio of a 30-sthg gay man living in NYC who had such a terrible childhood.... something that shouldn't be missed. altho, oops, u have missed already havent you, cos i doubt it'll ever been commercially released.

anyway, today i managed to avoid buying more cds from the cd sale store. over my past two visits i managed to buy:
Elbow's Cast Of Thousands (i already have a copy but need to buy original!)
Jeff Buckley's Grace
Manic Street's Lipstick Traces
Grandaddy's Sumday
Travis' 12 Memories
oh and the Essential Clash

i had to resist many others including some Springsteen...sigh....
what to do... only 9.90 i dunno how anyone could walk out of that store not buying anything....

Saturday, April 16, 2005

the last time i was at the national stadium was last year's ndp where i had, well, absolutely no choice but to be there. you know, fulfilling my national service to my country by covering our glorious show of miliary strength and mass displays that only smack of communism.

anyway, i was back at the stadium yesterday afternoon, for the Rugby Sevens.
Managed to wrangle a couple extra free tickets for some friends and we had a pretty good afternoon... watching maybe 8-9 matches - including the thrashing Thailand had at the hands of the South Africans (77-0) and of course, Singapore went down 7-38 to Australia. and plenty others...

and of course it was equally fun to watch the crowd, including some three leprechauns who pranced to the music, a fred flintstone, a really bad Elvis, plenty of red-faced fans who'd had one too many Heinekens and one who tried to lead the crowd in a singalong of Can't Take My Eyes Off You

you know...
I love you baby and if it's quite alright...

storm clouds however threatened to dump its load right on us at about 5ish so we hightailed out of there but it was a fun afternoon and it was free and we even got some free drinks (the non-alcoholic type) out of it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

everything is illuminated

the book has been praised to high heaven by reviewers and authors.

Jonathan Safran Foer (both the author's and main character's name) is a writer who goes to the Ukraine to visit his Jewish roots and find the family that saved his grandfather from the Nazis. His tour guide and translator is Alexander Perchov, although Alex's translations are often a hilarious mangling of the English language. Three narratives run throughout the book, Foer's history of his family in the small village in the first half of the century, Alex's recollection of the time spent with Foer in the Ukraine, and Foer's attempt to understand the truth about his grandfather's past. This novel has generated many glowing reviews. The Washington Post says Everything is Illuminated "is madly complex, at times confusing, overlapping, unforgiving. But read it, and you'll feel altered, chastened -- seared in the fire of something new." (from

i've just finished it and frankly, I wasn't all that blown away. I thought it was a bit much at times, like he was trying too hard.

It was unique and interesting, and did have some great lines (which I should try to add in here, once I get home and find the lines) and having been written by a man who is only two years older than me, (and winning some book prizes at that) is awe-inspiring.

But I am glad that I never bought the book, despite having fingered its pages several times at kino and borders. It would not do for a second read. It would not do to sit on my shelf, despite its eye catching cover.

Oh and Jonathan Safran Foer (don't you just love his name?) has a new book out, Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close, which according to The Atlantic, happens to be a little more contrived than his first.... I'll pick it up and flip its pages I suppose but I doubt I'm going to have it on my bookshelf, which doesn't really have anymore space in the first place)

Monday, April 11, 2005

a fascination with quizzes

they're terribly frivolous and make absolutely no sense sometimes, but heck they're a fun way to pass time.

Congratulations! You are Gabrielle Solis, the
ex-model with everything she's every wanted a
rich husband, a big house and John, the
17-year-old gardener.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

library lament

i've been searching for a few books on the National Library website and not surprisingly, quite a few books are not available, or available only at certain branches.
There aren't that many branches in Singapore so I don't understand why they cant make the copies available at more branches, especially since it seems that it's only one copy per branch. Are we all supposed to wait around or is this some ploy with big bookstores.... fed up of waiting? We're just downstairs! (not this is nothing against a certain Japanese bookstore, because I"m a big fan of that place and purchase from there far more than at the American chain, which has several issues with its shelves and with its staff - including telling me that a book is not available and will take about 6 weeks if I order today, only for me to browse the shelves and find that exact book sitting in it's pretty little corner)

In addition, the lib's website could really do with an update. It could include new arrivals, recommendatons (and I'm not talking about romance novels here thank you). A very good example, although it's a bookstore and not a library, is Powell's in Portland, OR. Their website is such a trove for readers. A whole hoard of information from different magazines and newspapers on books, although far less glitzy than
It's newsletter is already fascinating enough. Don't say I didn't warn you - I can spend ages just browsing through their website.

Meanwhile, I do really appreciate the extension of the opening hours.
I mean, the Queenstown library used to open only at noon til 4pm on Sundays. Now that to me harks from a time when men with long hair and tattoos were closely watched by big brother.

So thank you, from a grateful reader, for finally realising that people don't only want to borrow books from the library during those four hours of a Sunday.

iTunes is currently playing Elliott Smith's Fond Farewell

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

learning about myself

i'd written a nice long blog just a few minutes ago, hit the PUBLISH POST button, and switched to another window to check my email, only to flip back and see this lovely message from the Blogger people apologising for an error, and informing me that "engineers" will be working on it.

So here's my reply, since my previous post has been Wiped Out.

Dear Incompetent Engineers at Blogger,

I tried to post to my blog late last night, after watching some TV and with various thoughts running through my head. I logged onto Blogger and when my Dashboard came up, I click the + sign to add a new blog.
It seemed to be taking quite a while so I decided to check my email and talk to my friend on the phone for a bit.
It was an interesting conversation that went on for a while, so after it ended, I turned my attention back to the computer, ready to fire up a post.
And to my horror, the page was still loading.
And loading.
And loading.
And I gave up. I closed the explorer browser, shut down iTunes, and also the computer and went to read.

This morning, I decided to make another attempt and logged on. Everything seemed fine until YOU SCREWED UP AGAIN AND MY POST WENT MISSING.

That's two strikes.

You want a third?

With only the best of regards,
An Irate Blogger who has decided to copy every post into NotePad before hitting the treacherous PUBLISH POST button

learning about myself

here's one thing i'm learning from the subbing course - that i'm not good at subbing! i tend to speedread, rather than scrutinise the story for details/accuracies/inaccuracies.
plus i hate reading off the screen. or maybe cos its one of those damn computers with the screen embedded (right word?) in the glass-topped table, where you have to bend down to see. lucky for me, the flourescent (check spelling?) lights above are reflected in (on?) the glass, making it even harder to read what's on the monitor.
otherwise it's a very refreshing change from writing stories i couldn't give a s*** about. better enjoy while it lasts...and then i have to come up with story ideas once again. it is such a chore, i don't know others do it.
meanwhile I'm going to enjoy the upcoming weekend, because, well, I don't have to work on Saturday for a change!

Monday, April 04, 2005

anniversary... sort of

Video code provided by

it's almost a year since i went to see Radiohead in Sydney. so this is just something that needs to be played.. for a little while at least. (oh it's There There, off Hail To The Thief)

Now playing on iTunes: The Obs' Queen Of Fate

taking two weeks off

it's almost as if i'm getting two weeks off work!
ok i still have to go into the office for 10 days, but only at 10 and i finish by 5! and there's even morning break, lunch, and afternoon break.
too bad the food sucks.

and what's this all about? i'm on the basic subbing course. it's seriously like taking a mini break. which i think i kinda have been needing for a while.
(something some long-suffering friends of mine also concur with)
altho the day did kinda drag on a bit, it sure as hell beats being on the phone, calling up endless numbers of people, just to get that one nugget of information that in the end might not be used...

anyway, my horoscope this month tells me that it's apparently a good time for a new job...
and ...
It's also possible that you would meet someone at the gym or other sporting event.

maybe i shld go play tennis with those pp soon! but scully malu in front of them... sigh...

Saturday, April 02, 2005


i realise i have been hanging around the office for two hours now, just waiting and waiting and waiting.
i've read blogs, i've read news websites like salon, slate, nyt, bbc. i've read pitchfork and slant. i've even gone up to the library and flipped through shape and the sunday times magazine. and i went out to polar to get some tarts for the family for breakfast.
and i've done all this and still my very small little story on a nice little event is not cleared. i am bored out of my brains. i am bored to near brain death.
i am bored. and i am sleepy despite having slept, for the first time this week, until 9am.
ive been having somewhat late nights since tuesday, not having returned home earlier than 1130 so far i think. and last night, despite having left the house at 7 for an 8am interview, i got home at ard 1. went to little bali. or is it called bali villa? where i had some bites of a chocolate cake, handfuls of peanuts and a glass of sauv blanc for my 1030pm dinner.
i dont think i've been doing too well for eating these few days. it's 946pm now and all i've had today is a peanut butter sandwich, some mee goreng and a small chicken pie. thurs dinner was a hot dog bun eaten in the queue. fri, well i already wrote about that now didnt i!
ok i better have some real food tmr. was at canteen yesterday returning the spins staff some money i owed them after heading upstairs, very smart, without any money. and then plee said i looked like i lost weight. egad! and that i look even more like a schoolgirl. double egad!

(i had a comment earlier today from an unnamed person who said - i think you should just leave, these three months you've been so grumpy. that person, i have recently found out has no sense of timing and is absolutely not musically-inclined. if you want to hum a song, at least hum it in some kind of tune and not in just one single tone!!!)

so yes, this is another grumpy post. grumpgrumpgrump!