Sunday, February 27, 2005

oscar boredom

ok i got bored about halfway thru the oscars, which was thankfully saved by the very funny Chris Rock (you have to see his standup stuff).

i was appalled by the oscar nominees for best song. ok, well i'm always appalled, especially that year when that damn tarzan song beat out the magnolia OST which had the very talented aimee mann all over it.

this year, beyonce was brought in to spice up the stage, singing what.. 3 of the 5 nominees? boring boring boring i tell you. even the counting crows were boring. with that strawberry ice-cream poofy hit of theirs called Accidentally In Love.

Was just reading this article from Canada's London Free Press.





- This year's best original song category is one of the weakest races in years. Two of the songs -- Look To Your Path from The Chorus and Al Otro Lado Del Rio from The Motorcycle Diaries -- likely no one has ever heard and the remaining three are incredibly dull. Even the Oscar producers have little faith in the songs, judging by their enlistment of R&B star Beyonce to help out with the performances of three songs.

so true. so sad.

i'd rather watch the grammys again, for that great tribute to southern rock with lynyrd skynyrd, keith urban singing that fantastic Elvin Bishop song Fooled Around And Fell In Love.


The judges' list of 18 authors for the Man Booker International Prize is out here. The list includes Margaret Atwood, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Muriel Spark, Kenzaburo Oe and more. Now, that just makes plenty more books to add to my TBR list.
I've just finished with Da Vinci Code, probably months after the whole world has read it, devoured it.

I can see why people love this pageturner so. It's exciting. It's about something that most people are familiar with - the Knights Templar and the Holy Grail and the mysteries surrounding this .. sacred chalice. Which turns out not to be a chalice. So it's quite intriguing and the pace is fast. Besides, doesn't everyone love a good conspiracy?

But I did not like the writing. He does not really bring out his characters well. I find myself not liking the protagonist very much, who seems to well, know too much. They are also stereotypical and definitely lacking in dimension.

Also, I thought a couple of things were a bit too obvious and it wasn't a "gasp omigod, I never knew that was coming" moment for me when it shold've been. Plus Dan Brown just leads us back one full circle, not really answering any questions that he brought up in the first place.

Maybe it's because of all the hype that I've finished the book disappointed. The way i've been told that others couldn't put it down, that people finished it in one sitting. I think it's gonna make a helluva movie, probably for Disney. (I'm not saying that Disney's making the movie, but it's just that the book seems to me very Disneyfied. Very simple, easy, mildly interesting, would probably make one great theme park ride)

But please, Tom Hanks as the lead??? disney i tell you, disney.

sunday morning song

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


i'm on a roll today, my mind is just running off in a million directions at once. so before i leave this computer, let me just post some websites that might put u on your journey towards reading the entire universe

First up, Washington Post's BookWorld.
Powell's Books - yes that legendary independent bookstore with fascinating little nuggets of information is here.
BookGroupList's reading list is always useful.
Of course, my favourite newspaper's Book Section is a must!
And then on the other continent is another favourite paper's book pages.
Village Voice's books bits
The Australian's


i wonder why we met. why had we both been at city hall at the same time, waiting for other people?

my friend told me today - looks lke you havent been having much luck with guys recently. and said something about making it his mission to find me someone.
i told him, good luck. it's gonna take some time.

anyway most guys out there are taken i reckon.

where do u go to meet someone?

Monday, February 21, 2005

we danced by pool
the moonlight reflected in its chlorine waters
we danced in jeans
we danced in slippers
it really didn't matter
for the one thing that mattered
was the one holding his hands out to me
beckoning me to dance

Sunday, February 20, 2005

the other

i was asked abt the other fella. the one who made me feel like i was walking on air. the one whom i couldn't wait to be with. i still have feelings for him. but the only way to remain sane is to lock those feelings away at the back of my mind.we still keep in touch via email and phone/sms and well, for a few wks, by proxy. but different country different continent different time zone. that's all i can say.

i've also been asked about the horoscope website. if you'd like to read about yourself, please click here. be warned that not all signs are written about.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

no rant

ok maybe a short one

because today i didnt spend my whole life waiitng at the office. i left at 7. on a saturday night. unbelievable. and probably the last time this will occur!

i had asked, on tues, for sat off. a bit late yes, but it had slipped my mind withe million and one things i had to do. supe thought it over and said prob not butwe'll give you a morning job or something and you can leave early.

so friday came and assignments were doled out. i got a 1030 and straightfwd. so that was ok. but 530 came and they needed changes to be made to my longish story. so i had to make calls, check online and finally, altho still stressed, i left the office.

i realise i keep gritting my teeth these days. stressed out i am.

anyway i'd gone out with someone fri but i kept thinking of someone else. i dont know why i mean the guy in front of me is perfectly nice and all but i just didnt feel anything. and i think about someone who.... i just cant put a finger on, who confuses me and yet i cant stop thinking about him. its insane.

Thursday, February 17, 2005


i started this blog ten minutes ago. then decided to can it. cos it was essentially me talking about my lack of a love life. and i was thinking, why should i post that? for people to read? and now after reading this silly horoscope compatibility shite i decided to fk with it, i'm just now going to bitch about my lack-of-love life.

it all started out with valentine's day. and being dateless. again. and how i got a phone call fr the uk fr that sweet boy to wish me a happy valentine's. and earlier in the day i had gotten an sms fr this idiot (who's not really an idiot, but really quite a nice guy when he wants to be. but who's made me very pissed off by the way he doesn't want to be straightforward and who i think is a bloody coward for not being straightfwd with me) saying happy valentine's day. so when i got that i was like 'what an idiot'. an SMS!!

anyway getting back to my horoscope thingy, my friend sent me something else abt horoscopes earlier and i had remarked how true that one seemed. at least for me and my relationships. and then i read this one and one sentence stuck out at me. or more like stuck its palm out and slapped me across the face.

"(Cancerians) are frequently considered to be heart-breakers"

(ok make that part of a sentence)

bcos damnit the Idiot labelled me one not too long ago.
ok he was drunk when he called me and said a lot of stuff but i am a firm believer of alcohol being a sort of truth serum (it definitely makes me loosen my tongue). so i am inclined to believe that he meant it and some other things he inadvertently revealed.

he didnt remember what the hell he told me when i asked him about it the day after. figures.

anyway the more i read my horoscope, the more it sounded like someone was reading my personality profile. shockingly insightful these things can be.

of course i'm not going to run out and heed every other horoscope i read in the glossies. but somehow this just rang true with me. like for one thing, i am very moody and i definitely have this need to feel secure - emotionally and financially.

good god and this too
Since Cancer hates rejection and is usually extremely cautious about making any form of committment, he or she will often try to avoid giving an answer and must never be rushed into providing one

and of course they have
At their best, Cancer partners are loyal, supportive, nurturing, compassionate, caring, dedicated, emotionally faithful, tender, pampering and adoring. At worse, they are possessive, jealous, moody, volatile, controlling, dependent and prone to suffer from depression.

and then
Likes: hobbies, romance, children, parties, home and country.

Dislikes: failure, opposition, aggravating situations, being told what to do and being given advice...whether good or bad.

the more i read this website (and there is plenty to read! except that for some strange reason only certain horoscopes are written about...) the more i go "woah" cos it sounds like me. is that nuts or what?

ok maybe except for this:
These are souls who avoid using charge cards if they can pay in cash immediately...and they usually can. then again, maybe cos i only use a debit card n i dont have my own credit card. so that's not exactly charging something is it?

Suitable Occupations Include:
- Medical - Chemical - Pharmaceutical - Nutritional - Education - Chef - Realtor - Musician - Artist - Acting - Broker -
- Archaeology - Farming - Catering - Historian - Merchandising - Manufacturer -

i knew i shouldve been an archaeologist.

Being a Water sign, Cancer individuals have a tendency to overindulge in wine and alcohol...beverages which are not tolerated well by these natives damn now they tell me.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


was talking to a friend who's getting into freelance writing about magazines. and she said, we should start one.

and i got to thinking - how much wld it take to start one?

and we talked about that and also how wld we set the mag apart from the others? def not a fashion mag cos tt's all been done. travel is too high budget.

i always thought that singapore needs a better entertainment magazne. we've only got 8days and now there's first but how about something more tuned into music? not just international but also singapore. so music, movies and books maybe. like entertainment weekly, singapore style?

would anyone be interested in that?

Sunday, February 13, 2005


once again i've gone off my rocker this weekend.
and on my second day of the weekend today, i plan to write up my samui travel piece (more difficult than i imagined because we didnt exactly do much travelling!) and then i can go out and do some shopping (i see tt tangs is having a sale! and maybe go check out that james lavelle shop at far east) altho i was in town yesterday picking up some books and toiletries. but it was still a bit crowded. plus i cant really shop with guys. i really do my best shopping on my own. but i tend to get a bit too impulsive and occasionally will need to be reined in. but ooh was looking at isetan orchard's third floor where they've got shelli segal, had quite a few nice dresses there. but pretty damn pricey. also kinda liked this really cute bag at song + kelly. which wld unfortunately set me back a few hundred dollars. but yes, it would be somewhat unique. wld that make it worth it?

Saturday, February 12, 2005

crumbling and tumbling

i know i can have pretty bad mood swings sometimes but i think this day's blog entries might make me sound psyho. manic depressive or something along those lines.

just was chewed n spat out by the c ed and story was as usual shredded to pieces. she was telling me how the story didnt really say anything new compared to last mth's story abt long wkends. and i kept telling her I KNOW! its not like its my damn story. sigh....

im really pissed off by too many things i think i better not say anymore. i just want to run away now.

n more

You Belong in 1969


If you scored...

1950 - 1959: You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!

1960 - 1969: You are a free spirit with a huge heart. Love, peace, and happiness rule - oh, and drugs too.

1970 - 1979: Bold and brash, you take life by the horns. Whether you're partying or protesting, you give it your all!

1980 - 1989: Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You're colorful at night - and successful during the day.

1990 - 1999: With you anything goes! You're grunge one day, ghetto fabulous the next. It's all good!

you can tell when i'm bored when....

i keep posting stuff on this blog!

here's more

Best Line to Pick Up a Cancer With

Can I borrow a quarter? I want to call my mom and tell her I just met the person I'm going to marry.

Cancer Chocolate Horoscope

Cancer draws it out to make even the smallest box last for a month.

Friday, February 11, 2005

happy new year

its that time of the year again, when the scales tip to one end and the belts are loosened and the throats get sore. it's lunar new year. spring festival. chun jie. whatever you call it, it's a time for eating eating and more eating.

we started off with a reunion dinner with mum's family at coca at the concourse. a la carte buffet means too much food. plus my cousing knew the manager so we had free siobah (v good btw) and thai dessert. i'll sum it all up by saying - i cant stand fish glue. i mean what part of fish glue (fr the way it looks to the name it's been given) is appetising???
went home, watched tv and had a nice bottle of concha y toro late harvest sauvignon blanc. nice. a little sweet but not overpoweringly sweet. and about $18 fr your neighbourhood ntuc.

anyway, the next day, dad's family came over to our house where mum me and sis had prepared nasi kuning, rendang, beehoon, grilled chicken, mixed vege, vietnamese ricepaper rolls, and some various stuff. and then it was onto my uncle's house (after the relatives finally budged fr our sofas - they were too intent on watching this really bad chinese movie about separated orphans. sobsob story with really bad dubbed voices and a real cheesy song) where there was more snacks, mochi, lapis the like.
and then dinner at my aunt's house where mum's mum had cooked her yummy kongbah (yes more pork) and chicken curry and not so scrumptious stomach soup (like my cousin said 'i cant stomach another's stomach') and there was barley gingko nut soup after. and again of course pressured to eat fr the mound of snacks at the living room. watched a bit of american idol after the cousins failed to get hold of tickets to go see constantine. went home felt guilty. ate some fruits.

day 2 began with lunch at charming garden with the farrer court group of friends (four families kids all the same age -23 and 25 - whom ive known for practically my whole life and this was one of the rare years where everyone was in town for cny. jokes about childhood pranks were inevitable but this year we had a new joke - how one of the meimeis (younger sister in Mandarin) who just got married last year and is now 5 mths pregnant, shld now sit at the grownups table and hand out angbaos. and how her son wld have to babysit the rest of our (future) children because he wld be so much older than ours). good yusheng (mostly cos it wasnt overpowered with ginger) decent food except that seating was crowded and after the not v good eefu noodles, the waitress dumped the hargao on the table. it of course wasnt finished cos everyone knows that noodles come last!

and it was onto aunt's house in bishan where chinchow and various other snacks awaited. next was uncle's house in boon lay. (this is what happens every year btw) and to the long awaited feast. my uncle, an ntu lecturer, really shld open his own restaurant. he's fr hongkong and he whips up many mean cantonese dishes!
we had sharksfin soup (well at least the others had. i dont drink sharksfin soup for humanitarian reasons) fish, beef stew (nao lam), beancurd, teriyaki chicken, eefu noodles, cantonese carrot cake, grilled prawns, cold dish with jellyfish that he made, asparagus, mushrooms with dried scallop, fresh scallop with some delicious herby sauce, some cantonese style stewed pork with sweet potatoes, and a couple others i cant remember. i have to put up the pictures soon. there were so many i didnt know where to begin! and after all that goodness there was orhnee for dessert! with pumpkin and gingko nuts, just like my grandma used to make it. oh and some ice wine as well. sigh...
i was so full i was so sleepy but i was so satisfied.

it's once a year after all. altho i do wish he'd just go into cooking full-time!

oh and then the next day (fri) i went back to work and since there wasn't much to eat around the office went with some ex-colleagyes to tp central and we had roast meat (duck chicken char siew sio bah) suayjiao tang (i know i'm screwing up this spelling but i cant seem to figure out how to spell it) and kailan. they bought roti boys back but i dun like the sound of roti boys (all that cream...). besides i had brought some cny cookies fr home.

at night, dashed off to hv to meet sec sch friends to go wala2. realised i didnt like the place much esp since now they're making u queue up to buy drinks downstairs before making yr way upstairs. plus dun like eic v much altho they do decent jobs with their songs. i just cant stand them! so i left when they were starting second set. headed to rouge to catch the last few songs that electrico was playing (mostly cos a friend put me on the list for free entry plus he actually had reserved a table) and stayed until 2pm, reluctant to face up to the fact that i had to work the next morning at 930. had had several drinks but didnt seem to have any effect on me! so i was kinda bored. anyway i wasnt intending to get high. but its just a way to sorta chill out and not think about work.

managed to wake up at 8am shower change make some breakfast and get to work to start on my story. needed coffee.. but not entirely desperate for caffeine. i think im getting too old for this. and now i'm trying to (er besides writing this blog that is) figure out who to call for story i'm doing. ridiculous story that's actually a revision of something written last month. i mean, last month!

Listening to: Bright Eyes

Monday, February 07, 2005


so i got this off the sassy slumbering girl's blog. while waiting for story to clear. but yes it's not a sat so why am i waiting for story to clear? cos i'd written this story on sat but they hadnt the space and they decided they wanted to use it tomoro. so glad it gets to be used. yay for mercy relief. but boo for me who has to hang ard a bit longer til it clears. meanwhile i really should work on the homeschooling story but eh its cny. or at least cny eve.
and there's plenty of eating to begin soon. tonight steamboat, tmr lunch at my house, and then my grandma's yummy fd with hopefully kong bah.
plus had already been pigging out over the weekend with a very late (1030pm) dimsum dinner at jln besar (which is become quite a fave place of mine for supper - where else can u get dimsum late at night?!) and then yesterday at blooie's at science park 2 for a great burger in a nice quiet spot.

anyway, yes the whole point was to put out my results for that little quiz thingy:
so what i am meant to do what i am doing? hahaha

Your Dominant Intelligence is Linguistic Intelligence

You are excellent with words and language. You explain yourself well.
An elegant speaker, you can converse well with anyone on the fly.
You are also good at remembering information and convicing someone of your point of view.
A master of creative phrasing and unique words, you enjoy expanding your vocabulary.

You would make a fantastic poet, journalist, writer, teacher, lawyer, politician, or translator.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

on second thought

i have to apologise for the previous post. i was distracted and kept shifting from one window to the other. so its pretty damn halfhearted. and actually i'm doing it again cos i'm really having issues with this story. its so bloody confusing to explain. i mean i know it all really well now but that's only after several conversations with the various players and then several more clarifications with them....

how does one get the point across while keeping neutral? is there any proper way to do that? at first it seemed like one was the baddie and the other the victim but now i see that actually both are the victims while the shopping centre management is the real bad guy here.

its weird to discuss something that i'm not giving the context to.

playing the waiting game

(ed's note: stuff deleted)

meanwhile, i got to try on a bridal gown! i still find it extremeley amusing for some reason. the reason - i posed for a posed picture for sunday. slush fund story. mildly interesting but it was definitely fun to try on this strapless poofy dress. a bit much id say. i cant imagine wearing that for more than 2 hrs. cos the shoot took slightly under 2 hrs and that was plenty. never knew them things could be heavy!
but it was an experience. always good to try something new. lets just hope tt's not the first and only wedding dress i get to put on! :)