Saturday, October 02, 2004

late nights

i've been kinda pushing it the last few days...
on wed night went to not only the official opening of the very classy italian restaurant Capella, at Chjimes but also to the Heineken green room sessions at Velvet where the Thievery Corporation was playing.
It was an awesome night, ending only at 315. on a wednesday night... what was i thinking?
But too much alcohol and good music and friends also hanging around, how could i leave?

so paid for it on thursday. thank goodness i didnt have a morning assignment. so i crawled into work at 1045. i actually didnt fare that badly but my brain was so fried that i took ages to finish one story (ok it was quite a long one) and then i had to crawl to my 2pm assignment which fortunatley turned out to be a tiny story.

and then i did it again yesterday night.
it's a sunday morning, i managed to make it here again at 1045.
actually i have no idea why i took so long to get here. i did wake up at 9am.
but last night, was taken to this little dim sum place at jln besar. cheap and not too bad. we had the usual - char siew bao, the yam puff, siew mai, beancurd prawn roll, pork ribs and then finished off with some ice kachang. all for less than $12. not too bad. and plus it's open until really late. left at about 2plus and it was still quite packed.

but i think i'm getting tired of the holland v thing (we were at essential brew before going for supper) - too many people, too uninteresting. and somehow coffee club was closed, kfc was being renovated and tons happening. maybe too much happening. what happened to it being a nice laidback place? plus the crowd is getting younger and younger. or am i just getting older?