Thursday, April 29, 2004

out and back in again

guess where i'm headed on sunday?

margaret river!! yes... just days after arriving in singapore (well almost a week really) i'll be headed back to Australia again. this time for my very first junket. i'll be at margaret river, attending a wine tourism conference. its a 3 day trip, arriving back in Sg on wed night.

should be all good!

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

radiohead again

It might be just a little crazy to fly eight hours to see a concert. But that's what I did a few days ago.

Probably what's crazier is that I wasn't that big a Radiohead fan. I didn't own all the albums, didn't know all their songs.

And now, after staggering out of the concert in a daze (a good daze mind you, and not one out of a haze of weed - the scent of which was floating around the Sydney Entertainment Centre) I just want to experience it all again. And this time, sing every word with Thom Yorke.

If I could use only one word to describe the Radiohead concert, it would be BRILLIANT. This can easily be replaced by EXCELLENT and AWESOME and AMAZING. but of course all this would sound tons better as such: f**king brilliant, f**king excellent... you get the picture.

On the flight back, I chilled out by listening to yeah you guessed it, Radiohead. I would've listened to Muse but I only had it on CD at that time, not on my precious, so I couldn't listen to them. They are equally brilliant btw, and I would LOVE to watch them live. Unfortunately they did play at Big Day Out this year, so have no idea when they'll be headed to this part of the world again.

Another music fest I would've loved to have gone to is last year's Summer Sonic in Japan (Tokyo/Osaka). Which had Radiohead and a whole host of others. (cant'remember them now as I am thinking of the lineup for Coachella - which includes The Cure, The Flaming Lips, Death Cab For Cutie, Radiohead, Air and plenty more)


01 2+2=5
02 myxomatosis
03 where i end and you begin
04 lucky
05 sit down. stand up
06 just
07 sail to the moon
08 i might be wrong
09 go to sleep
10 like spinning plates
11 exit music
12 talk show host
13 national anthem
14 fake plastic trees
15 paranoid android
16 idioteque
17 there there

Encore #1:
18 we suck young blood
19 nice dream
20 my iron lung
21 no surprises

Encore #2:
22 you and whose army? (actual setlist had planet telex here)
23 everything in its right place

got it from at ease

Monday, April 26, 2004

more about sydney

i have to admit that it was a fantastic trip despite having tripped, fallen and sprained my left foot (and subsequently straining my right wrist as I tried to break my fall) just after dinner (Turkish food) at Newtown.

But something good sorta came out of that actually ("Always look on the bright side of life"), I was a bit late for the check-in and as a result was allocated a seat near the back of the plane. but i did get two seats to myself! so i took the opportunity to stretch out and relax properly.

Gulf Air's really not too bad. the service from Sydney was better than to Sydney. but it was generally ok. food not too good tho!

other than that, here's a quick look at what we did in Sydney

Tuesday night - touchdown in Sydney. went to have a quick supper (for me at least) at Pancakes on the Rocks. headed to Ray's house to settle in and have some drinks.

Wednesday - after a sleepless (and cold) night, woke up late and took the train into the city for a spot of shopping. nothing much to buy though. shopping malls all about the same really. Met Ray after work and headed to Kingsford i think it's called (The UNSW area) to meet Sujin's friend Yufen (and bf) where we ate at a place called Arthur's Pizza, which we found after a lot of wrong turns....
Drinks at a nearby inn.

Thursday - woke up late (but still earlier than Wed), went to Sydney Fish Market for cheap sashimi and tiger prawns lunch, walked to Glebe. Did some treasure-hunting in some op shops. bought some second-hand books.
Sujin's chicken curry for dinner - bloody spicy but the three of us managed to polish off most of the chicken and potatoes.
headed out to town for drinks at The Establishment. nice place but very exec crowd.

Friday - did some touristy stuff today, headed to the Opera House and then had an ice-cream from Gelatissimo at Circular Quay and hopped onto the ferry to Manly. Hung out there for a couple of hours and it was then back to Chatswood. After a quick clean-up and a drink, we went to Chinatown for some Thai/Chinese food before meeting Ray's friends for drinks at Homebar (around Darling Harbour). not too happening so we also went to check out Three Wise Monkeys (where we had to first queue to get in, then queue to get to the third floor where a live band was playing - not too good though..) Arthouse, Cruise and The Establishment again.
headed back to the house for more drinks.

Saturday - after getting up late, as per usual, headed to Glebe where we met Chek for brunch at one of the cafes (i finally had my eggs, bacon, grilled tomatoes and toast) and checked out the Glebe market, where i got some tops and a book for less than $20.
Then Ray dropped us off at the Sydney Entertainment Centre where we joined the queue for the mosh pit at about 430. It started getting cold though!!
Doors opened at about 720. and we sat waiting for something to happen. And it did, all of a sudden, people were on their feet and racing towards the front. Local band THe Bumblebeez came on. They sucked, as one member of the audience kept yelling out. they were really shitty and luckily it was only about a 20min set.

cos at about 815, Radiohead came on with 2+2=5. it was excellent. truly excellent.
well i'm not too sure of the setlist but these are some of the songs they played:
My Iron Lung
There There
National Anthem
(Nice Dream)
Fake Plastic Trees
Exit Music
You And Whose Army?

er that's all i can think of at the moment. but it was truly amazing.

wat did we do after?? er... drinks at home. (i think u have begun to sense a pattern here)

Sunday - my last day!!!
went to Paddy's market, Bondi beach (and sorta checked out the market)
headed to Newtown for dinner (where we got stuck in serious traffic from Bondi becos of a footy game)
Ate at a Turkish cafe, pretty damn good.
and then i fell, i curse that uneven pavement and bad street lighting.
they dropped me off at the airport and off I was back home, back to work....

Sunday, April 25, 2004

radiohead live

i just had to put these up. it was a truly excellent concert on april 24 at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. opening act Aussie band Bumblebeez pretty much sucked, as one member of the mosh pit crowd (where we were standing) kept shouting.

but the radiohead gig was awesome.

here we are with our unofficial radiohead tour t-shirts ($20 for 2!) - there weren't any official ones and the best looking ones were the Hail To The Thief ones, which werent that fantastic in the first place. Behind us is the Harbour Bridge, and actually you should be able to see the Sydney Opera House, cos Ray drove us to this really nice spot ... er dunno where it was now but somewhere north of North Sydney. might be the greenwood area? dunno.

Thursday, April 15, 2004


how do you know whether the right person is the right person and not just some person?

when you're single and dating, how can you tell? how can you know that he is the right one? and not just anyone who can fill the void?

i feel very superficial (altho someone has assured me that he knows many women in their 20s who do think the same way), the way i go out with people who are, well, physically attractive.
and yes, it surprised me that he's not just a... erm... body.

last night's conversation (and somewat scary incident with a quarrelling couple behind me) really hit me. about how superficial i really am.

i mean, i dunno if i can go out with a person i'm not attracted to, physically.

that really sounds terrible.

and it is.

but on another note, i'm getting very confused. i'm not sure what's going on. there's this, and then there's that. and i'm not sure which is good for me, if any is good for me at all.

this is after all, a blog, so i think that's all i'm going to reveal to the world. that i'm confused and that i seriously need to figure things out and do what's right. but what is right? and what is not?


Sunday, April 11, 2004

did i mention that i like teenage fanclub?

cos i do!!

and let me just give a quick ipod (re: my new best friend) update. the relationship is still going good. just bought the ipod a new jacket to protect itself. (iskin). wanted the nice black one but that one doesnt have that neat slip it out slit to place it in the dock. so i went with that white/translucent one.

39 bucks i spent on that and more than half an hour trying to find the shop at sim lim. wandered round n round then we finally go ask the security guard who says its closed on sundays (this was last sunday btw) so we go looking for a mac shop. surely there must be one mac shop in the whole of simlim. and yes, there was ONE. uno. mac shop, perched high on the sixth floor where no one can see it.

yeah and i made another expensive purchase this week - a pair of asics racers that cost me $179!!! i tried on their other shoes but the arches were too high for my somewhat flat-footed er.. feet. so i went with the racing shoes, less cushioning but definitely more comfortable.

i've never seriously thought abt running shoes so i guess i have sean to thank for that. well after spending all that money on shoes, i better run more.

i managed a quick run this morning and will try to get up early again tomorow. i didnt run on saturday and seriously felt very tired the whole day altho i got 8 hours of sleep that day!

anyway.... it's a sunday but i was at work though it was thankfully a very quiet day. one down four more to go.

have a lot of emailed interviews pending damnit. will these pp just answer my questions already!!! i have to actually write the article, dont they know that??

better get them done soon. i've already fired off a reminder to the fella in the UK. so he better get back to me quick!!!

yeah moody. so what.

wanted to add the bands i've raving abt (besides teenage fanclub whom we already know is great)
snow patrol
drive-by truckers
ted leo/pharmacists

and of course
the decemberists
The Observatory (love Hearts And Souls! go buy this album if u havent already!)
Pete Yorn
The Smiths
Turin Brakes
and plenty more

Thursday, April 08, 2004

whine whine

i'm feeling very whiny and needy right now. feel like calling someone to whine about god knows what.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

here's my week

monday - slacked at work as usual. filed story on the ride i took at the escape theme park, which sean very graciously went with me to take pictures. (so i treated him to crystal jade lunch - dim sum and la mian! - at toa payoh central) headed to cathay at 6something to watch preview of Beat Takeshi's Zatoichi with Terence. good show. funny, violent as well but all good. 2 thumbs up! (watch out for my review in the papers soon) Had late dinner at Pasta Mania after strugglin to go down from the 6th floor. (place was packed with eager churchgoers - all clamouring to watch The Passion of The Christ)
headed home after.

Tuesday - slacked at work as usual. went for a free lunch at novotel apollo, where the md (asia-pacific) of the Accor Group (which owns the whole novotel, sofitel, mercure, ibis chain of hotels). good chocolate dessert and coffee. came back, cldnt figure out a good story angle because the MD wasnt available for a one-to-one I/v as he had to fly off after lunch). went back to office. filed story on 24 hr playwriting competition. left at 730 for the substation where i wanted to check out sujin's friend's video. managed to talk to him as well as the substation fella who organised the screening. might have a story there. will chat with him next week or something.

Today - got email saying that film distributor's trying to set up interview with takeshi kitano for me! overjoyed. filing movie review of ned kelly. heading to police media night after for more free food.

Tomorow - day off. have plans to go swimming, met jem for lunch at his workplace, buy running shoes (current pair falling apart), go see the Selena Tan show and then meet pp for something after?? i have no idea.

Friday - i want to do something on friday. something that preferably involves alcohol... damnit.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

time for an update

it really is time for an update isnt it.

stuff has been happening and i wonder if i maybe shldn't have encouraged some of it

but heck let's just see how it all goes.

anyway it is april the first, april fool. and i'm not fooling but in 19days i'm off to sydney! whoo hoo!