Tuesday, July 15, 2008

notes from the underground

You know, when they first announced the MRT extension to Farrer and Adam Road-ish areas, I thought, why don't they just extend that to Bukit Timah?

But today, on reading the news of the Bukit Timah MRT line, the MRT stop within walking distance from the house, I wondered, why they can't just leave us alone! Sure, convenience, property prices might increase and all that. But 6 years of dust, noise, likely traffic diversions, and lotsa lotsa digging? Can't I say, No? I think the part of Bukit Timah I'm in is well served by buses. I get to Orchard Road in 20 minutes. It does take me a while to get to Clementi, but it's not a stretch. Plus, does an MRT line mean the removal of buses? Cos if comparing the actual rides, I'd rather a bus, where there's one way in, another way out, than the MRT where people push and block and just piss me off. I'd rather a bus, where I can watch the view, than those ridiculous ads that flash from the tunnel.

And yet, while I write this, I remember that it will take 6 years. The work will only begin in the middle of next year, or so they say. Where will I be next year? Not here.

Friday, July 11, 2008

eat up!

simply breakfast

My mum made me breakfast!

birthday flowers

And I got a delivery.
And I'm off to stuff myself for the third time this week. It started with Indian food on Tuesday, Japanese on Thursday, and today, some seafood is in the mix. Eh, it's not like it happens everyday.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Maybe later

July's reading hasn't started out well.

Finally picked up DBC Pierre's Vernon God Little, but put it away quite quickly, although I'm not sure whether I'll ever pick it up again. Yeah I know it won the Booker, it's one of those dark comedy books, but eh, it's not for me.

A bit of a snoozer is The Moviergoer by Walker Percy. Also a book prize winner (National Book Award), also giving me trouble. At first I thought it's because I'm reading it when I'm sleepy (ie just before going to sleep), but then I realised, it's actually the book that's making me sleepy.

I'm in the mood for some fluff.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

digital world

At the library this morning, I was reminded of our dependency on computers when I tried to borrow five books and the machine refused to accept my pin number. And so did the other. So I go to the counter and make noise and it turns out that their server is down due to a power outage. The lady behind the counter goes in search of their 'manual system', which turns out to be a small yellow notepad. She fills in my name and card number, then takes down the barcode of each book, stamps all the books, stamps the 'manual system' with the same date and then heads behind somewhere to run the books through to allow me to get out without setting off beeps at the exit.

It made me think of days spent at Queenstown Library as a kid, and lining up with my pile of books, all open to the back of the book, ready for the librarian to stamp them through. And of the library at my primary school, with its uneven floors and dull lighting, little cardboard pockets at the back of each book, holding the dates due.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

nearly there

It's July, and I'm glad.

Because after some five months of emails, MSN conversations, Skype and IDD calls back and forth, I finally get to see R again. But it's just for two weeks, and then it's back to the virtual routine until December.

However, let's think about the after later, shall we? And begin the countdown to July 20th.