Sunday, January 02, 2005

lesson learnt

this is actually something i learnt some time ago and totally forgot on nye. me and tequila are not a good combination.

so i began 2005 with a hangover and a queasy stomach from the alcohol (it's really the tequila)

but dec 31 was interesting.

uni friend got married and it was a bit of a military affair with that lovely guard of honour thing. but chinese wedding dinners are chinese wedding dinners. the usual food, the usual waiting for an hour before the show got on the road, and well, honestly, it was boring. oh and plus ENYA was on repeat for the later part of the night.... sigh.... it was as bad as stepping into cold storage and hearing damn cny tunes this evening..

but after that, headed to chjimes to join some pp for their late dinner (which took ages, but i suppose it was because of nye and all) we ended up running back to swissotel and up to the 55th floor because we had this phobia of counting down in the elevator. we made it. with a couple of minutes to spare. pity there were no fireworks because (1) we had the most perfect room for catching the fireworks (just facing the padang/esplanade (2) without the fireworks u cldnt really know when to say woohoo happy new year.

plus i pity the fireworks pp who must have planned a lovely show only to have their job cut out of the picture at the last minute.

anyway, pp brought plenty to drink. no champers tho!

it was nice to just hang around, chat, listen to music. and altho some started leaving four of us were left watching the sun rise and then we really had to crash cos it was too bloody early . but checkout was 3pm thank heavens. so we had til then to sleep in. but of course i woke up feeling crummy, dragged myself home and went to sleep somemore, not having eaten anything since the night before. lucky mum had a great dinner of pumpkin soup, pork chop, omelette, salad and almond jelly for dessert.

happy new year, hope 2005 will be an eventful one.
i know mine will be = new year new job. freaking out a little bit with the prospect of that, you know, being in 'the big leagues" as EVERYONE kept reminding us (well, as least the 3 pp who will matter the most to my career)

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