Sunday, August 06, 2006

same same but different

It's mostly cookie-cutter eating here.

You've got the Red Lobster, the Olive Garden, all the usual suspect fast food chains and more.

And yesterday, for dinner, it was Smokey Bones, also a chain apparently, (its website boasts of over 100 restaurants in the east and midwest) but I'd never heard of it before.

Far better than bland odd-tasting pasta from Olive Garden was Smokey Bones' BBQ platter of St Louis-style smoked ribs and smoked beef brisket, served with garlic bread, and two sides (we chose mashed potatoes with gravy and coleslaw).

The ribs were tender and had a great marinade but I doubt I'll bother with beef brisket again (unless we're talking the Hong Kong-style noodles) as they were really salty and seemed a bit overdone to me - unless that's the way beef brisket's supposed to be cooked - it is, after all, a tough side of beef). The brisket might've worked better with a sauce.

The best part about the meal was the skillet cornbread - the leftovers made a great breakfast when baked in the over for a few minutes, and smothered with more butter.

And then there's Panera Bread, a bakery-cafe chain where we (and many others, judging by the never ending queue) had lunch on Monday.

R had the soup and salad combo for $6.29 - he chose the french onion soup and chicken caesar salad.

I let my sweet tooth take over and succumbed to a french toast bagel with a honey walnut cream cheese spread. And for dessert, a lemon poppyseed mini bundt cake.


Anonymous said...

I realise you got a comment almost exactly like this a month ago, but I was wondering if you still had the MP3 for Concave Scream's "Driven". I love that song, but lost it when my hard disk crashed. I'd be much obliged if you could help me out.

Anonymous said...

panera bread! that was my fav bakery while i was in missouri. finally, one more singaporean who knows about this place ;)

food looks appropriately americany, hope you're having fun there.

Anonymous said...

FULL oF Envy!!! I want!! but glad to know you're having great fun.. / Elsie